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13 ways to do nothing and earn on cryptocurrencies

From long-term investments to trading bots and Airdrop — we tell you how to simplify your way to profit.

Do you want to receive passive income from cryptocurrencies, but do not know how? Here is an exhaustive list of 13 options. We hope that by following these tips, you will become a real cryptocurrency tycoon.

Term investment
13 ways to do nothing and earn on cryptocurrencies
This is the easiest and most obvious way to make a fortune on cryptocurrencies. But it will only work if:

IF you're not afraid to take big risks.
IF you're lucky and you get ten, a hundred or a thousand times profit on altcoins.
IF you have a cold head and strong nerves, and you can not turn gray when your portfolio is cheaper by 90%.
IF we really are only at the very beginning of the blockchain revolution.
Maybe it's not exactly the passive income you were thinking about. But the first step to success is to learn how to buy and hold.

Do you have a cryptocurrency that just lies dead weight? But it can be lent at interest, and there are even several Internet platforms.

Ethlend is a decentralized direct lending from the user to the user. The platform works with 250 types of tokens.
Leverage trading financing for various cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ether, NEO, IOTA, OMG, XRP and others is a service available on Bitfinex, Bitmex, Poloniex and Quoin exchanges. If you have these coins in your portfolio, you may want to place them on one of these platforms.
Also, if you want to make money on the financing of trade with leverage, but do not want to do it yourself, you can use the services of a credit bot. The most famous such service is called Cryptolend. It is enough to provide an API key, and it will do everything for you, just do not forget to disable the withdrawal of money — just in case.
13 ways to do nothing and earn on cryptocurrencies
Salt Lending service allows you to take loans secured by cryptocurrency. If you need cash but don't want to sell cryptocurrency assets, this is a good option. Earn money with money!
The masternode is a full-fledged node of the cryptocurrency network (aka a wallet for a computer) that supports a full up-to-date copy of the blockchain, for which the owner of the masternode receives a reward in cryptocurrency. An important condition: the wallet should work around the clock, without interruptions.

It is most profitable to start a masternode in the Dash network (now it brings 7% of income), only at the start you need to invest 200 thousand dollars.
If you are not ready for such investment, it is possible to choose the more modest version for — there are many options.
Live in a Dorm without an electric meter? Great! Why not take advantage of this circumstance? Yes, actually competing with large mining companies like Bitmain is pointless, but if you have free electricity and a decent gaming PC, it's profitable. You can find out how much you earn on the website What to Mine.

Trading bot
13 ways to do nothing and earn on cryptocurrencies
Gunbot is an automatic bot for cryptocurrency trading. It has a large set of built-in individual strategies that can be customized to suit your trading style. It is convenient that you can exclude emotions from trading. However, be careful and get ready to spend a lot of time to adjust the strategy to trade with profit — you need to understand the technical analysis and confidently read the stock charts. So this option is not suitable for beginners.
Crypto currency is traded around the clock, and exchanges are scattered around the globe. And if there is a difference in the rate between trading platforms, it is possible to earn.

Thanks to the kimchi prize, there were times when bitcoin on South Korean exchanges cost 40% more compared to other platforms. However, those days are long gone, and many Koreans have left cryptotrading, at least for now. But this certainly not the latter such a fever.
It is believed that arbitrage bots make a significant contribution to the daily trading volume. Such bots are beneficial in volatile markets. However, the chances of finding a ready working bot are small — if you had one, would you share it? Doubt.
Small exchanges less well-known, and they are less robust APIs (application programming interfaces) for bots. However, you can closely monitor the order book and conduct transactions manually. Large exchanges have their own characteristics - here sudden price jumps are manifested in the first place, and if you have an account on a small exchange, you can have time to perform an arbitration transaction before others. To do this, you need to keep the assets on both exchanges to be able to conduct the transaction instantly.
Rare digital artifacts
In the game Cryptokitties, built on the Ethereum blockchain, you can buy and grow cryptocurrencies, and a rare kitten can be very expensive.
Etheremon-roughly the same, only with pokemon.
There are other games, including War Riders and Gods Unchained. Collecting-a huge industry, which is worth a closer look, then not to bite your elbows.
Games of chance
13 ways to do nothing and earn on cryptocurrencies
POWH or Proof of Weak Hands (weak Evidence) — it's a gamble with cryptocurrency. You Deposit ethers on a smart contract, and the more people contribute after you, the more you earn. For withdrawal relies fine. Yes, it's a pyramid scheme, but still fun!
FOMO3D — another game in which rewarded the last depositor before the reset countdown. Try your luck, maybe you will get the jackpot! (The last time it was $ 3 million.) It really works!
Reward programs
Some exchanges, for example Kucoin (KCS) to pay just for keeping coins on the exchange platform to share with you the profit. This is not yet an obvious and controversial mechanism; let's see how it will work further.
NEO is the blockchain from the first summit, and on this network, you pay a fee in special tokens called GAS just for the fact that you have the NEO. It is important to keep coins in your own wallet or on an exchange that can accept GAS for you (for example, Bitfinex can not).
VECHAIN (VET) — another cryptocurrency of the top 20, where users pay VTHO just for owning VET. Again, just in case: keep them in your own purse, otherwise you will not get anything.
The ONTOLOGY project (ONT) has just launched a working network and is now paying ONG to cryptocurrency holders. To estimate future profits on the site
Coin distribution (Airdrop)
13 ways to do nothing and earn on cryptocurrencies
In some public blockchain networks, distribution of small amounts in cryptocurrency to ordinary users occurs irregularly. Here, too, much depends on the exchange. If you control your keys yourself, the coins will definitely get you, not someone else.

If you keep ethers in your own wallet but haven't checked it in a long time, you might be surprised to find a bit of OMG in there.

The full list of upcoming hands can be found here: https://airdropalert ahhh!com/

Participate in the establishment of consensus in the network, not in the form of mining — and betting in cryptocurrency. Unlike maintaining the masternode, there is no limit to the minimum amount of participation. If you have coins from the list below, they can work for you.

PIVX (PIVX). Annual yield: ~0,4−0,5% when using
Navcoin (NAV). Annual yield: ~4% when using
Stratis (STRAT). Annual profitability: 0.5-1%
Reddcoin (RDD). Annual return: 5%
Qtum (QTUM). Annual yield: ~5% when using
LISK (LSK). Annual profitability: up to 10%
ARK (ARK). Annual profitability: up to 10%
Decred (DCR). Annual profitability: up to 30%! Wow! However, the funds will have to be placed in the pool - such pools allow you to participate in the network support system Decre with proof of rate and not to worry because of the turned off computer, weak Internet connection or power outages.
Neblio (NEBL). Annual profitability: up to 10%
Komodo (KMD). Annual return: 5%
Waves (WAVES). Coin from the top 50, annual return: up to 5%. The current yield can be calculated on
There are many other options, but these are junk cryptocurrencies that don't deserve your attention.

Do you have a lot of followers in social networks? Popular YouTube channel?

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