Sunday, September 16, 2018

CEO Binance: Buterin is wrong, the growth of crypto currency is 1000 times possible

Crypto currency will definitely grow by 1000 or more times, and Vitalika Buterin's statement about the impossibility of such a scenario is wrong. This was stated by the General Director of the world's largest exchange Binance Changping Zhao. His words leads Bitcoin News,

According to Zhao, the co-founder of Ethereum considers the growth of the crypto market from the point of view of the traditional financial system, where such a leap is impossible in principle.

The head of Binance added that the launch of derivatives for Bitcoin and Ethereum will lead to the growth of the market. Such a scenario is quite possible, as digital money has reached the "period of introduction into the financial system".

Earlier Vitalik Buterin explained his words about the impossibility of the industry growth in 1000 times. He said that he was not talking about the market as a whole, but only about the extremely low probability of a 1000-fold increase in the rates of coins.

I have never said that the cryptocurrency industry as a whole has no space for growth — it was about the rates of coins. In the current situation, the growth of 1000 times means that the market capitalization will be 200 trillion dollars. That's 70 percent of all the money in the world.

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