Monday, September 17, 2018

The ECB will not issue its own cryptocurrency

The ECB will not issue its own cryptocurrency
A selection of the main news from the world of cryptocurrencies by this hour

Mario Draghi said that the ECB will not issue its own cryptocurrency
The head of the European Central Bank noted that the issue of cryptocurrency by the Central Bank "there is no specific need", as the demand for the Euro is on the rise, and "cash remains a popular means of payment": "the ECB and the Euro system currently have no plans to issue the digital currency of the Central Bank." In addition, the underlying digital currency technology Draghi called insufficiently Mature and in need of careful study.

Gemini will add litecoin to the listing
As specified by representatives of the Litecoin Foundation, in the listing of Gemini, the seventh cryptocurrency by capitalization will appear on October 13, the day of its birth. Against the news, the litecoin (LTC/USD) rate began to grow. Recall that in July litecoin appeared in the currency Converter search giant Google.

Coinbase opens new office in new York
The American cryptocurrency exchange plans to expand the staff of the new office to 150 people next year (now it employs 20 people). The company reported that the decline in the cryptocurrency market did not affect the demand of institutional investors for a new class of assets. Coinbase Institutional General Manager Edam white said :" when the correction came to the market, the institutions did not lose interest. The opposite has happened, they see it as an opportunity to enter before the market boils."

Tim Draper: cryptocurrency Capitalization will rise to $80 trillion in 15 years
According to the investor, the current decline in the cryptocurrency market will not have a significant impact in the long term. He compared the current situation with the period of origin of Internet technologies, which subsequently captured the world. "The Internet was born in a similar way. It came in great waves, and at times it seemed to crash. However, each subsequent wave was much larger than the previous one and, I believe, this is happening now with bitcoin," Draper said. He explained the current decline by the fact that many find it difficult to accept something fundamentally new and unusual, even if they see the potential. However, I am sure crypto-enthusiast, over time, the technology will radically change entire industries around the world.

Gambling application on the EOS blockchain became a victim of a hacker attack
Hackers stole 40 thousand EOS (200 thousand dollars) from the operating EOSBet wallet, taking advantage of the vulnerabilities in the smart contract. The developers have disabled the app at the time of the investigation. The representative EOSBet acknowledged that the attack was possible because of a vulnerability in the code. Later the team announced that the remaining 463 745 EOS are safe in their contracts, the vulnerability has been fixed, and the performance of the application is restored. They also explained that due to a bug in one line of code, the attacker was able to place bets without transferring the tokens themselves. Thus, he did not lose anything when he lost, but the winnings were paid to him in full.

The Project closed
One of the founders of the startup Daniel Zakrisson said: "Instead of waiting for the market to unfold, we decided to resort to creative destruction, to collapse and distribute the assets among the holders of the tokens". Last June, raised $ 15 million for the ICO. The startup intended to create an alternative system of venture financing based on crowdfunding, democratic values and transparency.

At 10:30 GMT, the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is 202 billion dollars. The trading volume for 24 hours amounted to 10.1 billion dollars.
Bitcoin (Bitcoin) over the past day rose by 0.1% to $6489,07.
The ether (ETH/USD) rose by 1.73% to $219,29.
Ripple (XRP/USD) rose 0.94% to $0.28.
Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin.Cash) rose by 2.31% to $446.4.
EOS (EOS/USD) rose 0.84% to $5.36.
The best growth among the top 100 cryptocurrencies showed: Aurora (+72,14%)

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