Thursday, October 11, 2018

Is Satoshi Nakamoto due today? A mysterious prediction

Is Satoshi Nakamoto due today? A mysterious prediction

There is an article from the Economist that predicts that Satoshi Nakamoto is going to tweet today, October 10, 2018. The statement is worthy of Nostradamus and Vanga, but this news stirred the minds of many: those who love conspiracy theories, and just curious crypto-enthusiasts.

Satoshi Nakamoto, an anonymous man who revolutionized the world of Finance, not only kept his identity a secret, but disappeared from the radar. As he said in the last post, he decided to"move on to other things."

According to people interested in the subject, the January 9, 1988 issue of The Economist contains a prediction. On the first page they link to bitcoin. Here is the cover and the date:

The article is called "get Ready for the world currency". It seems that the reference is obvious, because for some bitcoin has become a global means of international payments.

A possible link to Satoshi Nakamoto's tweet is at the top of the article. The title "Takeshita Comes to Town" becomes the phrase "Satoshi Nakamoto Tweet"after rearranging the letters.

Funny coincidence, isn't it?

In addition, as you can see, the date appears on the cover: a Phoenix bird with a coin hanging from its neck. The denomination of the coin, I think, 10 Phoenix, and the bottom shows the year 2018. The symbol of the coin is a crossed-out zero, and the date 10/10/2018 can be seen vertically.

The website Trustnodes first raised the issue. Journalists noted that the magazine was released on January 9, " some suggested that he was in newsstands on January 3." This date is important because the bitcoin Genesis block was created on January 3.

Nakamoto likes symbolism. For example, Halloween, October 31-the day of revival.

It is known that Nakamoto is symbolic on certain dates. October 31 — Halloween, day of the revival. Ergo bitcoin, the new world.

Nakamoto's birthday is April 5, 1975. And on April 5, 1933, US President Franklin Roosevelt signed an order to seize gold from American citizens. In 1975, the order effectively ceased to be in force.

Whether to wait for a tweet from Satoshi Nakamoto? Even if it is unlikely someone will be able to check if the message is not soprovojdaetsya signed with the private key of his wallet.