Monday, November 26, 2018

Stuck transactions: is Endpass the best way to resolve the issue?

Stuck transactions: is Endpass the best way to resolve the issue?

- Why my transaction is not confirmed and what can I do? We've been hearing it over and over again lately. Why? Something is wrong with the block chain of bitcoin and Ether? Intrigue?

Nothing like that. Just more and more users are pouring into the crypt every day, the number of transactions is growing like an avalanche – that's why there are more stuck.

What kind of phenomenon is that? And what should we do after all?

Don't be greedy!

A stuck transaction remains unconfirmed for too long, so much so that the recipient or sender feels uncomfortable. Stuck transactions can be annoying, as it means that the recipients often think that the senders are not paying for the transactions, or the recipient just needs the money as soon as possible. Stuck transactions are usually the result of a low transaction fee. But there may be other reasons as well. For example, expenses from an unconfirmed transaction, "going to dust," that is, when the transaction amount is below the allowed amount, or double the costs of another transaction. If the transaction has double payment or double confirmation, it will hang forever as it will never be confirmed. How to control it? What to do?

First – you can see a list of stuck transactions, for example, for bitcoin, at (Updated list of new transactions)

The second question is much more complicated. Ask the community Ether, and you will get an answer:

- Either you cancel them (transactions) using, for example, Myetherwallet, or just wait ...

These are the times...

But guess what? It's not a death sentence!

There is at least one easy way to solve the problem – with a new ETH wallet called Endpass .

Goodbye, stuck transactions!

Endpass claims that it is a wallet from which you will be delighted. That's possible. Worth a try. But as for stuck transactions - it's a really good solution.

They say: send the transaction again with one click!

And it really is. NO need to worry about choosing the right gas price. It is enough to choose the priority level for your transaction, and the wallet prediction algorithms will choose the optimal gas price. If a transaction is really stuck, you can send it with a higher Commission or cancel it with a single click.

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