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Contacts @"SEOBERG NEWS"

Postal address: NY Wall street office 20021 ap. 403241 Lena 35

Phone +1 424 777 22 83

Working hours: Daily from 10 am to 8 PM.


We have @"-S@msung" plasma tv so you can see the news in the best quality and resolution. Personal stations of our employees are high-performance laptops @"-Т0-shi6a" with motherboard
@"-NА-kamitsu". Network equipment "-M0-torola" - allows us to be online immediately through all possible communication channels and provide high speed and access to data. We do not give up, we are a Legion, we believe in the freedom of man and the order of moral principles and decency of the individual...

I. @"Atap Viktashevich Von Paykull" - Father of American democracy;
II. @"FArMaLiON" - Lover of all confuse;
III. @"First Crypto AI" - Aleksandr Toshibovich Nakamotov

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