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Was sind die wichtigsten Vorteile von Bitcoin-Meinung des Schöpfers von Litecoin Charlie Lee

Bitcoin unterliegt nicht der Zensur, und Transaktionen in der blockchain Münzen sind unverändert. Diese Eigenschaften sind die wichtigsten Vorteile der Münze, sagte der Gründer von Litecoin Charlie Lee. Der Geschäftsmann erzählte über die Vorteile von Bitcoin aus der Sicht seiner inneren Wert, nicht natürlich, dass "in Erster Linie auf die Manipulationen der Marktteilnehmer abhängen". Seine Worte führen AMB Crypto.

Als Erklärung für das Urteil, dass Bitcoin ist nicht Gegenstand der Zensur, Lee brachte die situation aus dem Leben. In 2010-2011, er poker gespielt-dann die online-gaming-Industrie war auf dem Höhepunkt, und die Gewinne und Wetten waren riesig. Allerdings hat die US-Regierung an einer Stelle beschlossen, die drei größten Standorte zu schließen-der Veranstalter der Spiele.

Alle an poker-Websites gerichteten Zahlungen und Konten wurden blockiert, einschließlich über Visa, Mastercard und andere Zahlungssysteme. Online poker wurde effektiv zensiert. Diese Seiten hatten das Geld, das ich gewonnen und ich kann es nicht bekommen-obwohl die Tätigkeit, die ich Tat, war legal. Ein paar Monate danach fand ich heraus, über Bitcoin, die in keiner Weise von Regierungen oder Unternehmen kontrolliert wurde. Mit ihm können Sie online-poker spielen und alles tun, was Sie wollen. Niemand kann dich aufhalten.

Ein weiterer Vorteil der Münze ist die offene Daten über alle Transaktionen, die es keinen Sinn macht, zu ändern.

Wenn Sie jemandem eine million Dollar in bitcoin senden, wird diese Person gerne warten eine Stunde oder sogar einen Tag für die blockchain-Warteschlange, um die Transaktion abzuschließen. Es wird eine Menge von anderen Einheiten sein, warum etwas ändern in der Transaktion wirtschaftlich ineffizient ist.

Früher, der Autor des beliebten YouTube-Kanal TruthNeverTold genannt Litecoin der größte Betrug in der Geschichte der kryptowährung, und Charles Lee — Betrüger, die auf Investoren eingelöst.

Glauben Sie an die Zukunft von Bitcoin? Bitte teilen Sie Ihre Kommentare in cryptodata Champions.

Trading volumes on Ethereum rose to an annual maximum. When will the rate begin to rise?

Yesterday, Ethereum daily trading volume reached its maximum value in the last 12 months. In 24 hours, the total amount of traders ' transactions amounted to 850 000 ETH-the last time this happened on September 15, 2017. The situation with trading Ethereum analyzed in Coindesk.

A sharp increase in volumes is a sign that market players bought the recent drop in cryptocurrency below $ 200. Technical indicators on almost all time periods indicate a significant weakening of the bearish trend.

Rebound Ethereum has formed a good candlestick pattern to start bullrun. The hammer candle coincided with the bullish divergence on the RSI indicator, which means that the bulls are gradually taking control of the situation.

The main resistance level is now a 10-day moving average line. If it stops the price growth, a new fall in the area of the annual minimum is not ruled out.

The overall picture on the weekly chart looks quite favorable. Trading volumes this week equaled the December record, when the entire crypto market approached the peak of the previous bullish trend.

At the moment, it is quite possible to expect the growth of the asset to $ 250. If the Ethereum still drops below $ 200, a new wave of draining may begin.

I want to learn how to program in Python. Where to start?

Learning Python
Tell us how to act if you decide to learn Python 3 from scratch: what to learn in the first place, where to take the knowledge and what to do next?

Why learn Python?
Python has a number of advantages:

high popularity of the language and use in a large number of projects;
relatively simple, but at the same time strict syntax;
many available development environments, services, and frameworks;
tools for working with e-mail, Internet protocols, databases and other tools in the standard language library;
demand for Python developers in the labor market.
The main features include dynamic typing, version compatibility issues, and slow code execution speed compared to other programming languages. If you're learning Python in a language other than the first one, the syntax may seem unusual to you.

Such corporations as Google, Dropbox, Mozilla, Facebook, Yandex, Red Hat, Microsoft, Intel and others use Python to create products.

What to teach?

operations with integers and real numbers;
data type;
variables, branching, standard I / o;
logical operations, comparison operations;
conditions: if, else, elif;
blocks, indents;
strings and characters;
while, for loops;
break, continue statements;
installation and connection of modules;
interpreter: install, run script;
file I / o.
Python in one picture;
Developer development map;
A Selection Of Awesome Python.
IDE and code editors
Writing in IDLE or Python Shell is convenient only for simple code, but for projects it is better to find an integrated development environment (IDE) or code editor. The IDE includes an editor with syntax highlighting and autocompletion, build, run and debug tools, and other functions. Most editors have syntax highlighting and formatting, executing, and debugging code. Typically, this tool is faster than the IDE, but has fewer features. Among the most popular platforms are PyCharm, Wing IDE, Komodo and others. More options - in our review.

The distributed version control system (Git) should be introduced at the beginning of the tutorial. Among the basic skills — create and move files in directory, initialize the Git repository and create a commit, and set up a repository in GitHub.

Where to teach?
Try each of the tools. After a couple of first lessons it will be clear whether it suits you or not.

Book cover «»
Easy and quick Russian tutorial to learn the basics from Devpractice
Book cover «»
Popular textbook by Mark Lutz with examples, tips and tasks
Other good books on Python are in our collection.

Online courses in Russian
Python Regius.;
Course from Mail.Ru Group and MIPT;
Online courses in English
Edu PyCharm from JetBrains;
About how else to learn Python - in our article.

All learned, what's next?
When you have learned how to make simple programs, you should try to understand which way you want to move. To do this, start solving tasks:

test code readability and test the knowledge of the language;
Euler's project in English and Russian teaches to make correct algorithms;
game with tasks by levels with built-in programming environment;
quest in which you need to make an algorithm to understand how to move to the next step.
In the next part we will tell you how to learn further.

Expert: cryptocurrencies are not dead and will not disappear

The loss of $ 600 billion in capitalization is not yet a reason to consider the crypto market dead. According to the chief economic analyst of Allianz Mohamed El-Erian. The expert noted that the technology behind Bitcoin is here to stay and will only grow. This writes Bitcoinist.

According to El-Erian, Bitcoin is not affected by the correction in fundamental terms. Moreover, in the future blockchain and crypto will be widely accepted all over the world.

Cryptocurrencies are not dead. In the future, we will see a rapid expansion of the industry in the private and public sector.

However, the development of the crypt will not happen in one day.

Unfortunately, bitcoin Cannot be used all over the world overnight. I think cryptocurrencies will not disappear and will even play a very important role in the global financial system.

Earlier, El-Erian called the level of $ 5000 for Bitcoin the best point to enter the crypto market. Other experts also believe that now is the time to buy cryptocurrency. Let's hope they're right.

The neural network has learned to conduct their own public in " Vkontakte»

Abstract humor
20-year-old administrator of the public "Abstract humor" Artem Chirkov taught the neural network to create and publish memes. The algorithm combines several images from popular communities into one and publishes them on the project page. The author of the system told TJournal about her work, the future of neural networks and training as a programmer.

In 2015, Chirkov wrote the first version of the bot in Python. He downloaded pictures from popular communities, cut off the top and bottom parts, and then combined them into one image. Together with friends Chirkov taught the algorithm to send pictures to the proposed publication.

Abstract humor

In 2016, the student made four scripts from the system. One was looking for pictures and cut the text on them, the second helped to avoid too frequent access to" Vkontakte " through the API, the third saved images from the public, and the fourth contained the main code of the bot. The system did not take into account the context, so you had to manually select memes for publication. In addition, the bot was looking for pictures with black and white font Impact, and they began to go out of circulation.

Autonomous operation
Chirkov abandoned the public until may 2018, when they found a way to put the neural network to recognize text and mathematical analysis for filtering results. Once a week, the system collects information about new memes from the public "MDK", "Leprosy", IGM and "Eaglet", analyzes them and stores information about the areas with the text. She then runs a daily script that glues the zones together and schedules eight publications. The developer taught the neural network to check the result by manually selecting a thousand" suitable and unsuitable " images. As a result, the project began to work completely independently.

Abstract humor

Under the hood
To create the structure of the system, Chirkov used a ready-made neural network that determines and evaluates the content of the text. Without it, half of the pictures were with unreadable text, now there are about 5 %. The machine is alien to the notion of humor, and memes only make sense when two pictures add up as a joke. Bot has its own understanding of context: he analyzes the secondary factors such as position, size, color, and how to separate the setups from punchline.

Automation of humor
Chirkov believes that his public is a good example of future automation. According to him, if you can automate humor, it can be done with all other areas. Over time, algorithms will learn to understand the context and will be able to create funny pictures, the administrator of "Abstract humor"believes.

Artem Chirkov
The author of the algorithm said that he was born in Perm and has long been fond of programming, and the last two years studying to be a programmer in Canada. Until adulthood, he always wanted to become famous and become a "boy genius", but since then maximalism "lost". Programming was a way for him to combine what he liked: computers, games, the Internet and earnings.

Chirkov recommended the Python programming language to all novice programmers, as it was there that he was able to "finally do something useful." For new developers it is advised to find a field where I can apply their skills and to learn programming in simple projects.

Similar system
In June 2018, scientists at Stanford University introduced a new machine learning model that creates memes. For training, they used a set of 400,000 images on various topics from the site ahhh! The researchers opted for memes in the style of "advising animals".

AMD quietly releases new processors

Without too much noise, AMD has released new processors, including models Ryzen 3 2300X and Ryzen 5 2500X. In addition, the company has released and energy-efficient options Ryzen 5 2600E and Ryzen 7 2700E.

Some manufacturers have already gained access to these models and even offered solutions based on them. One of these was the computer Nitro PC from Acer.

AMD Ryzen

It is noteworthy that in both models, and 2300X, and 2500X, included CCX, and not in the configuration 2+2, as it was in previous generations, and 4+0. This led to a decrease in the third-level cache, but also reduced delays caused by the need to transfer data between clusters.

Acer Nitro PC with new AMD processors
Acer Nitro PC with new AMD processors
The Ryzen 3 2300X processor is represented by 4 cores and 4 threads with a base frequency of 3500 MHz and 8 MB of L3 cache at 65 W TDP. The other chip, Ryzen 5 2500X at 4 cores and 8 threads, operates at a frequency higher at 100 MHz.

Model range AMD Ryzen

With regard to energy-efficient processors, it offers a model Ryzen Ryzen 7 and 7 2700E 2600E. These models have heat dissipation 45 watts. The older model is equipped with 8 cores and 16 threads at 2.8 GHz. The younger model operates in a configuration of 6 cores and 12 threads at a frequency of 3.1 GHz.

13 ways to do nothing and earn on cryptocurrencies

From long-term investments to trading bots and Airdrop — we tell you how to simplify your way to profit.

Do you want to receive passive income from cryptocurrencies, but do not know how? Here is an exhaustive list of 13 options. We hope that by following these tips, you will become a real cryptocurrency tycoon.

Term investment
13 ways to do nothing and earn on cryptocurrencies
This is the easiest and most obvious way to make a fortune on cryptocurrencies. But it will only work if:

IF you're not afraid to take big risks.
IF you're lucky and you get ten, a hundred or a thousand times profit on altcoins.
IF you have a cold head and strong nerves, and you can not turn gray when your portfolio is cheaper by 90%.
IF we really are only at the very beginning of the blockchain revolution.
Maybe it's not exactly the passive income you were thinking about. But the first step to success is to learn how to buy and hold.

Do you have a cryptocurrency that just lies dead weight? But it can be lent at interest, and there are even several Internet platforms.

Ethlend is a decentralized direct lending from the user to the user. The platform works with 250 types of tokens.
Leverage trading financing for various cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ether, NEO, IOTA, OMG, XRP and others is a service available on Bitfinex, Bitmex, Poloniex and Quoin exchanges. If you have these coins in your portfolio, you may want to place them on one of these platforms.
Also, if you want to make money on the financing of trade with leverage, but do not want to do it yourself, you can use the services of a credit bot. The most famous such service is called Cryptolend. It is enough to provide an API key, and it will do everything for you, just do not forget to disable the withdrawal of money — just in case.
13 ways to do nothing and earn on cryptocurrencies
Salt Lending service allows you to take loans secured by cryptocurrency. If you need cash but don't want to sell cryptocurrency assets, this is a good option. Earn money with money!
The masternode is a full-fledged node of the cryptocurrency network (aka a wallet for a computer) that supports a full up-to-date copy of the blockchain, for which the owner of the masternode receives a reward in cryptocurrency. An important condition: the wallet should work around the clock, without interruptions.

It is most profitable to start a masternode in the Dash network (now it brings 7% of income), only at the start you need to invest 200 thousand dollars.
If you are not ready for such investment, it is possible to choose the more modest version for — there are many options.
Live in a Dorm without an electric meter? Great! Why not take advantage of this circumstance? Yes, actually competing with large mining companies like Bitmain is pointless, but if you have free electricity and a decent gaming PC, it's profitable. You can find out how much you earn on the website What to Mine.

Trading bot
13 ways to do nothing and earn on cryptocurrencies
Gunbot is an automatic bot for cryptocurrency trading. It has a large set of built-in individual strategies that can be customized to suit your trading style. It is convenient that you can exclude emotions from trading. However, be careful and get ready to spend a lot of time to adjust the strategy to trade with profit — you need to understand the technical analysis and confidently read the stock charts. So this option is not suitable for beginners.
Crypto currency is traded around the clock, and exchanges are scattered around the globe. And if there is a difference in the rate between trading platforms, it is possible to earn.

Thanks to the kimchi prize, there were times when bitcoin on South Korean exchanges cost 40% more compared to other platforms. However, those days are long gone, and many Koreans have left cryptotrading, at least for now. But this certainly not the latter such a fever.
It is believed that arbitrage bots make a significant contribution to the daily trading volume. Such bots are beneficial in volatile markets. However, the chances of finding a ready working bot are small — if you had one, would you share it? Doubt.
Small exchanges less well-known, and they are less robust APIs (application programming interfaces) for bots. However, you can closely monitor the order book and conduct transactions manually. Large exchanges have their own characteristics - here sudden price jumps are manifested in the first place, and if you have an account on a small exchange, you can have time to perform an arbitration transaction before others. To do this, you need to keep the assets on both exchanges to be able to conduct the transaction instantly.
Rare digital artifacts
In the game Cryptokitties, built on the Ethereum blockchain, you can buy and grow cryptocurrencies, and a rare kitten can be very expensive.
Etheremon-roughly the same, only with pokemon.
There are other games, including War Riders and Gods Unchained. Collecting-a huge industry, which is worth a closer look, then not to bite your elbows.
Games of chance
13 ways to do nothing and earn on cryptocurrencies
POWH or Proof of Weak Hands (weak Evidence) — it's a gamble with cryptocurrency. You Deposit ethers on a smart contract, and the more people contribute after you, the more you earn. For withdrawal relies fine. Yes, it's a pyramid scheme, but still fun!
FOMO3D — another game in which rewarded the last depositor before the reset countdown. Try your luck, maybe you will get the jackpot! (The last time it was $ 3 million.) It really works!
Reward programs
Some exchanges, for example Kucoin (KCS) to pay just for keeping coins on the exchange platform to share with you the profit. This is not yet an obvious and controversial mechanism; let's see how it will work further.
NEO is the blockchain from the first summit, and on this network, you pay a fee in special tokens called GAS just for the fact that you have the NEO. It is important to keep coins in your own wallet or on an exchange that can accept GAS for you (for example, Bitfinex can not).
VECHAIN (VET) — another cryptocurrency of the top 20, where users pay VTHO just for owning VET. Again, just in case: keep them in your own purse, otherwise you will not get anything.
The ONTOLOGY project (ONT) has just launched a working network and is now paying ONG to cryptocurrency holders. To estimate future profits on the site
Coin distribution (Airdrop)
13 ways to do nothing and earn on cryptocurrencies
In some public blockchain networks, distribution of small amounts in cryptocurrency to ordinary users occurs irregularly. Here, too, much depends on the exchange. If you control your keys yourself, the coins will definitely get you, not someone else.

If you keep ethers in your own wallet but haven't checked it in a long time, you might be surprised to find a bit of OMG in there.

The full list of upcoming hands can be found here: https://airdropalert ahhh!com/

Participate in the establishment of consensus in the network, not in the form of mining — and betting in cryptocurrency. Unlike maintaining the masternode, there is no limit to the minimum amount of participation. If you have coins from the list below, they can work for you.

PIVX (PIVX). Annual yield: ~0,4−0,5% when using
Navcoin (NAV). Annual yield: ~4% when using
Stratis (STRAT). Annual profitability: 0.5-1%
Reddcoin (RDD). Annual return: 5%
Qtum (QTUM). Annual yield: ~5% when using
LISK (LSK). Annual profitability: up to 10%
ARK (ARK). Annual profitability: up to 10%
Decred (DCR). Annual profitability: up to 30%! Wow! However, the funds will have to be placed in the pool - such pools allow you to participate in the network support system Decre with proof of rate and not to worry because of the turned off computer, weak Internet connection or power outages.
Neblio (NEBL). Annual profitability: up to 10%
Komodo (KMD). Annual return: 5%
Waves (WAVES). Coin from the top 50, annual return: up to 5%. The current yield can be calculated on
There are many other options, but these are junk cryptocurrencies that don't deserve your attention.

Do you have a lot of followers in social networks? Popular YouTube channel?

Small money can be earned on affiliate links of major exchanges, including Binance or Coinbase, as well as Hardware Wallet Ledger.

Focus on the usefulness of cryptocurrencies

Vitalik Buterin: market Growth is possible, but it is necessary to focus on the usefulness of cryptocurrencies

Vitalik Buterin in an interview with Bloomberg noted that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain sector are no longer waiting for "1000-fold growth". After the appearance of these words in the network, Buterin was accused of forcing an atmosphere of hopelessness.

Therefore, the founder of Ethereum urged crypto-enthusiasts to pay more attention to the spread of digital currency technology, rather than speculation, noting that, in this case, there is still potential for market growth.

To be clear, I never said that there is "no room for growth" in the crypto ecosystem. I said there is no room for *1000x price increases*. A 1000x price increase from today means $200T in crypto, or ~an entire 70% of today's global wealth being in crypto.

- Vitalik Non-giver Of Ether (@VitalikButerin) 12 September 2018

"I want to clarify something. I have not stated that there is "no more room for growth"in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. I was talking about the lack of space for a 1000-fold growth rate. An increase of 1,000 times means that the market capitalization will be 200 trillion dollars — and this, incidentally, 70% of the world's wealth," Buterin wrote in his Twitter account.

Vitalik Buterin noted that the majority of educated people already have an idea about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and therefore the growth of the industry at this stage can only consist in the growth of the application of cryptocurrency technologies in real life. According to Buterin, it is the growth of utility that will attract even more attention to the crypto industry.

He also believes that the media misinterpret his words and put a pessimist, because he himself looks at things objectively and realistically.

"The growth of acceptance and real use of cryptocurrencies in 1000 times is possible. That's what we need to focus on, instead of the price of coins", — concluded Buterin.

Reached: only 27 of 100 cryptocurrencies per day are used by more than 400 people

Only 27 out of 100 tokens traded on Coinmarketcap per day have more than 400 active users. This was stated in his Twitter by the famous crypto-enthusiast Kevin Rook. His words are quoted by Cointelegraph.

According to analyst, the most popular three coins — Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and. With them, an average of 613 to 135 000 operations are performed per day.

The top five also included Litecoin and Dash, in the top 10-Bitcoin Cash, ZCash, Monero, Ethereum Classic and Verge. However, the users disagreed with the rating Hand, found in his method, a lot of inconsistencies.

Hands used for the ranking data on the number of users of the site OnChainFX. However, community members said that these platforms can not be true. For example, the trading volume of Dogecoin is 17, and the rating of the analyst he was in third.

Even more indicative is the situation with XRP — for a day through the coin passes about 227 million dollars, but it did not get into the rating. The enthusiast explained this by the fact that Ripple does not provide OnChainFX with data on the number of users in 24 hours. The same fate befell BitShares, Steem, Binance Coin and many other coins.

Earlier, analysts at Invest in Blockchain found out that only 36 coins really are a "working product" that provides them with real value.

CEO Binance: Buterin is wrong, the growth of crypto currency is 1000 times possible

Crypto currency will definitely grow by 1000 or more times, and Vitalika Buterin's statement about the impossibility of such a scenario is wrong. This was stated by the General Director of the world's largest exchange Binance Changping Zhao. His words leads Bitcoin News,

According to Zhao, the co-founder of Ethereum considers the growth of the crypto market from the point of view of the traditional financial system, where such a leap is impossible in principle.

The head of Binance added that the launch of derivatives for Bitcoin and Ethereum will lead to the growth of the market. Such a scenario is quite possible, as digital money has reached the "period of introduction into the financial system".

Earlier Vitalik Buterin explained his words about the impossibility of the industry growth in 1000 times. He said that he was not talking about the market as a whole, but only about the extremely low probability of a 1000-fold increase in the rates of coins.

I have never said that the cryptocurrency industry as a whole has no space for growth — it was about the rates of coins. In the current situation, the growth of 1000 times means that the market capitalization will be 200 trillion dollars. That's 70 percent of all the money in the world.

Uzbekistan legalized crypto-exchanges

Keep a organization of cryptocurrency trading fully legal will only a foreign legal entity. One of the main requirements: exchange servers should be on the territory of the Republic, the authorized capital of at least 5.5 billion soums.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed resolution no. PP-3926 "on measures to organize the activities of crypto-exchanges in the Republic of Uzbekistan", which legalizes the organization of cryptocurrency trade in the country.

According to the document, crypto-exchange is an electronic platform for exchange, purchase and sale of digital assets. Such entities are not subject to securities, exchange and exchange activity laws.

To legally conduct activities in the status of a crypto-exchange, you will need to obtain a license. The license requirements are as follows:

a legal entity must not be a resident of Uzbekistan and must open a subsidiary or other structure in the Republic;
the authorized Fund must be at least 30 thousand minimum wages, which at the time of signing the resolution on September 2 was equivalent to 5.5 billion soums or about $700 thousand.;
the servers on which the electronic trading system is located must be located on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
the exchange must ensure proper procedure of customer identification, compliance with legal requirements for combating money laundering and terrorist financing, and measures to counter price manipulation;
the quotation of digital assets should be based on supply and demand.
Having received a license, the crypto-exchange has the right:

to organize a tender for foreigners and for residents of Uzbekistan, which can make buying and selling digital assets for Fiat currency and make the exchange in the mode of a token-token;
receive remuneration in the form of commissions, which the exchange establishes independently.
Also in the country is now legally possible industrial mining cryptocurrency. Such is cryptogamica in which the power consumption exceeds 100 KWh. building Land mining farms will be provided in special areas that define Uzbekenergo and Uzbekgidroingeo in coordination with the National Agency project management office (NAPA) is the authorized body in the sphere of implementation and development of the digital economy.