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10 facts about the blockchain, you don't want to believe

10 facts about the blockchain, you don't want to believe

10 facts about the blockchain, you don't want to believe

Despite the fact that everyone is talking about the blockchain, many have the wrong idea about the possibilities and purpose of this technology.

Even in 2017, the excitement around the blockchain was just huge. People believed that this technology would affect all sectors of the economy, change the face of our planet and simultaneously bring millions to investors in ICO.

All this hype has led some to believe in completely crazy ideas about the blockchain and its capabilities. Many people have the wrong idea about the potential of this technology — they consider it something that it is not really.

Blockchain is just a database with some distinctive features. It allows multiple users to record and share information in real time, with the parties not having to trust each other as the correctness of the records is controlled by the participants receiving the reward in the form of tokens/coins. These features are very specific and really useful only in certain circumstances.

For example, they are perfect for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin — its blockchain allows you to send money to anyone in the world with minimal costs without the need for a Bank or other intermediary.

However, block chains are not really suitable for storing all types of data and certainly should not be used to solve far-fetched problems.

Today we will talk about 10 common myths about the blockchain and its applications (like bitcoin) both from haters and from ardent enthusiasts.

1. Bitcoin isn't the biggest Scam in history, it's not rat poison, and it's not dead

In 2017, against the cryptocurrency were some well-known financiers, including Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and the head of JP Morgan Jamie Dimon.

Yes, blockchain and bitcoin based on it — like any new revolutionary technology-have their drawbacks. The proof-of-work consensus mechanism consumes huge amounts of electricity; cryptocurrency is actively used for speculation and illegal activities.

But to say that this technology is going to fail is like saying in 1995 that the Internet will not work because it is clumsy and unorganized.

Bitcoin lives and lives for 10 years, although he has repeatedly predicted the death. At first glance it may not seem credible, but says Navale Ravikant:

"Bitcoin is a tool for liberating humanity from oligarchs and tyrants, served as a scheme of rapid enrichment."

Concentrating on the shortcomings of this technology and calling bitcoin a Scam, we completely forget about its advantages and potential.

2. Blockchain will not increase the value of your company's shares

Kodak, Long Island Iced Tea and on-line Plc are excellent examples of using the hype around the blockchain to raise the value of shares. At the same time, none of the companies has anything to do with technology.

3. The blockchain is not a pyramid scheme

Although the financial pyramid on the basis of this technology meet. For example, PonziCoin is a typical Ponzi scheme (and don't mention Bitconnect).

4. Cryptocurrencies are not just for scammers

There have been many cases where investors and companies have suffered from break-ins and scams. This is a big problem for the industry, but not a sentence. It is anonymity-one of the main advantages of the blockchain — that allows hackers and scammers to go unpunished. But this is an unpleasant side effect of the technology, not its task.

Terrorist groups like ISIS (banned in Russia) are looking for recruits on social networks, but this does not mean that we should abandon Facebook and Twitter.

Pablo Escobar was so rich that he burned American dollars to warm his daughter. The entire drug industry is held solely on cash. Does that make them bad?

5. Blockchain is not intended for fundraising

The fact that some unknown company attracted millions of dollars during the ICO does not mean that its behavior should be copied.

The purpose of the ICO is not only to raise funds, but also to distribute tokens between potential users of the project. Ultimately, they must perform a function. If the startup has nothing to do with the blockchain, then the need for tokens disappears. They should not be used for banal fundraising.

6. Blockchain will not change your business

If the company does not have a real need for the advantages that the blockchain can offer, it is better not to communicate with it and store data in the old way.

7. Blockchain will not change absolutely all industries

Heard the phrase"it's like Uber for (a certain industry)"? It's funny, but it even penetrated the blockchain ecosystem. Some companies are literally trying to create Uber on the blockchain.

A small problem with this venture is that not every industry needs blockchain. Let's say you don't like Uber's attitude towards employees, and instead of switching to Lyft, you're inventing a blockchain solution?

"Decentralized, peer — to-peer taxi service" sounds really cool. But this idea completely ignores all the shortcomings of the blockchain.

By definition, there is no Central authority managing the public blockchain. Who will make decisions in such a company? How about dispute resolution? Once the data has been loaded into the block chain and validated, it cannot be changed. Paid for a trip you didn't take? The driver behaved disgustingly and it needs to be reported? Alas, you are not lucky, because there is no one to complain.

What about development? How will a distributed company without executives compete with one of the richest startups in history with a well-established market share?

Even if a decentralized Uber can overcome all the problems and create a working service, how much better will it be? Uber and other similar centralized apps are already working quite well. The alternative will probably fail to exceed them.

The potential benefits of moving many existing industries to blockchain are not high enough for users to decide to change their habits.

8. The blockchain is not intended for sacrifices of Cthulhu

We will just leave this link here and not go into details.

9. Blockchain is not a platform for memes

10 facts about the blockchain, you don't want to believe
Dogecoin is the most famous cryptocurrency-meme. It was created on the bitcoin code base in 2013 as a joke, but this did not prevent its capitalization from growing to $ 2 billion last year.

10. Blockchain is not useless

Unless, of course, a token based on it was created intentionally.

So what is blockchain?

We have listed all the cases for which the blockchain is not suitable. Now it is time to talk about the scope of its potential application. The blockchain will fit perfectly into the project that needs:

  • Distributed and immutable database;
  • Supports multi-user recording;
  • Does not require trust between the parties;
  • Able to eliminate unnecessary intermediaries;
  • Able to provide consensus and verification.
  • Money fits perfectly into this category. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin meet the above criteria and are perfectly compatible with the blockchain.

Unfortunately, at the present time there are not so many other areas that are suitable for mass application of the blockchain. This does not mean that they will never be — we just have not found them yet.

Summing up, we can say that blockchain is a useful technology, but it is not a Savior of business, economy or humanity. We all need to know the true potential of this technology and understand what it can actually achieve.

2013 vs. 2018: how the top 10 cryptocurrencies changed in 5 years

2013 vs. 2018: how the top 10 cryptocurrencies changed in 5 years

2013 vs. 2018: how the top 10 cryptocurrencies changed in 5 years

What fate awaits the current market leaders, if only two of the top 10 cryptocurrencies of 2013 could remain in the list?

Since its birth in 2009, bitcoin has dominated over other cryptocurrencies. Over the years, his example has led to the emergence of numerous altcoins, whose trends, value and value were determined by the dynamics of the oldest and most famous cryptocurrency.

May 26, 2013 on the website CointMarketCap was only 15 cryptocurrencies. Their total capitalization slightly exceeded $ 1.5 billion.

Forbes magazine called 2013 the "year of bitcoin". In that year, the cryptocurrency won the hearts of many investors, hit the headlines and was ahead of the price of gold, reaching a price of $1,242 per coin.

The interest in bitcoin has jumped. Thematic conferences, forums and seminars have started to be held. Some considered cryptocurrency a Scam, others-a promising and attractive project. The truth is that both positions were surprisingly convincing. And-due to the high volatility of the crypto currency in the following years, the attitude towards it was constantly changing.

Here's what the top 10 cryptocurrencies looked like in 2013 — and in what condition they are today.

1. Bitcoin

2013 vs. 2018: how the top 10 cryptocurrencies changed in 5 years
On January 3, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto received the first 50 bitcoins (Bitcoin) for generating the Genesis block. In subsequent years, his brainchild has experienced many UPS and downs and is still famous for its extreme volatility, high risk and resistance to interference of the authorities and financial regulators.

In 2013, the total value of bitcoin was $ 1.477 billion, and it still remains the largest cryptocurrency with a capitalization of $ 114 billion.

2. Litecoin

2013 vs. 2018: how the top 10 cryptocurrencies changed in 5 years
Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency is open source, allowing instant payments to any country in the world. Litecoin was founded on October 7, 2011 by former Google employee Charlie Lee. Surprisingly, just 24 hours after the start of trading, the value of the cryptocurrency soared twice. In November 2013, its market capitalization has reached $ 1 billion. However, then the second place in the list was taken by another project, Ethereum.

Currently, the capitalization of litecoin (LTC/USD) is 3.4 billion dollars; it is on the seventh position in the list of the largest cryptocurrencies.

3. Namecoin

2013 vs. 2018: how the top 10 cryptocurrencies changed in 5 years
Namecoin is another cryptocurrency based on the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm. It is distinguished by separate data storage in the blockchain. Namecoin appeared on April 18, 2011 after a preliminary discussion at the Bitcointalk forum, which started in December 2010. In may 2013, the total cost of Namecoin was 5.3 million dollars.

Currently, the cryptocurrency, is situated on 126-e a place in the list with a market capitalization of 36,455 million dollars. Its third place in the ranking is now for Ripple (XRP/USD) with a capitalization of 19 billion.

4. Peercoin

2013 vs. 2018: how the top 10 cryptocurrencies changed in 5 years
Peercoin uses Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake algorithms. In 2013, the cryptocurrency was on the fourth place in the list of the largest. Peercoin was developed as the most secure and secure digital currency. For its storage, a reward of 1% per year was supposed, while Peercoin could also be mined with the help of mining.

Today, the fourth place in the ranking is Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin.Cash). It appeared in August 2017 as a result of bitcoin fork and was designed to speed up and facilitate transactions. Peercoin moved to the 190th line.

5. Novacoin

2013 vs. 2018: how the top 10 cryptocurrencies changed in 5 years
Novacoin introduced some unique features of the generating units that have separated target limits. The author of the crypto currency is a Balthazar, in 2013 its total cost was 1,198 million dollars. Today, the project is almost dead (at CointMarketCap it ranks 366th), and some signs indicate that it is a fraudulent project.

Today, the fifth place in the ranking of cryptocurrencies is EOS (EOS/USD), launched in June 2018 after an ICO lasting 12 months.

6. Terracoin

2013 vs. 2018: how the top 10 cryptocurrencies changed in 5 years
Unlike bitcoin, the blockchain Terracoin in 2012 provided increased security and speed of transactions. In may 2013, the total value of the cryptocurrency was $ 0.919 million. In July of the same year, it was hacked and the reputation of Terracoin was destroyed. Hackers managed to increase the speed of network hashing and put it under control.

Today, Terracoin is on the CointMarketCap 730th place, and the sixth position in the list of the largest cryptocurrencies from Stellar with a capitalization of 4.6 billion dollars.

7. Devcoin

2013 vs. 2018: how the top 10 cryptocurrencies changed in 5 years
Devcoin was introduced in 2011. This project tried to create a cohesive community of developers, programmers, musicians, writers and filmmakers.

In 2013, its capitalization grew to $ 0.9 million, along with popularity. Then the project began to fade away until finally died. Currently, the seventh place in the list is litecoin, five years ago, the former second.

8. Freicoin

2013 vs. 2018: how the top 10 cryptocurrencies changed in 5 years
Freicoin developers followed in Satoshi Nakamoto's footsteps and created a cryptocurrency based on the Proof-of-Work algorithm. The project was distinguished by the original model of mandatory redistribution of coins on the network.

In 2013, its capitalization was 0.669 million dollars; in 2018, it shows no signs of activity. Its eighth position is now occupied by a stable cryptocurrency Tether with a capitalization of 2.6 billion.

9. Feathercoin

2013 vs. 2018: how the top 10 cryptocurrencies changed in 5 years
Feathercoin was conceived as an improved version of bitcoin based on litecoin and using a similar decentralized blockchain. Four months after its introduction, the total value of Feathercoin reached $ 0.658 million. Currently, the project does not feel too good, occupying the 370th line with a capitalization of 8,798 million dollars.

Its place in the list is now taken by Cardano, a cryptocurrency seeking to rid the industry of problems with scalability, stability and compatibility of blockchains. Its market capitalization is $ 2.2 billion.

10. CHNCoin

2013 vs. 2018: how the top 10 cryptocurrencies changed in 5 years
As Feathercoin, CHNcoin based on lateline. In may 2013, CHNcoin closed the list of the ten largest cryptocurrencies with a capitalization of 0.367 million dollars. The project is long dead. Today, 10th place goes to Monero (XMR/USD) — another open source cryptocurrency. At the moment, the total cost of Monero is 1.8 billion.

In 2013, the cryptocurrency of the list of the top 10 were of great interest, however, only two managed to stay in it in 2018. Digital currencies suffer from FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) and FOMO (fear of missing out on your chance). FUD has a strong negative impact on projects, spreading rapidly through forums and social networks.

The future of cryptocurrencies depends on regulation in different countries. We will have to be patient to find out which cryptocurrencies will be among the winners and achieve mass recognition.

The fall in the us exchanges accelerated in the last minutes of trading. Why?

The fall in the us exchanges accelerated in the last minutes of trading. Why?

The fall in the us exchanges accelerated in the last minutes of trading. Why?

Us stock indices sharply accelerated the decline before the closing of trading. This was due to passive investment funds. They began to sell shares before the closing of the exchange.

Journalists Wall Street Journal (WSJ) drew attention to the anomaly in yesterday's trading on the new York stock exchange (NYSE). On Thursday evening, October 11, the sale of shares accelerated sharply in the last minutes before the closing of the trading session. S & P 500 for these five minutes fell from 2737,38 to 2728, 37.

The culprit was the index funds ETF, writes Wall Street Journal. We are talking about exchange-traded investment funds that copy the dynamics of a particular index. Their task is to minimize the so-called tracking error, that is, the difference between the ETF dynamics and the tracked index dynamics. The error occurs when the money deposited or withdrawn from the ETF is not quickly converted into shares.

To match the index, many ETFs try to perform operations before closing trades-at the very moment when the final value of the index is formed. As a result, since 2012, according to the WSJ, the volume of transactions before the closing of the trading session increased to 26% of the total volume of transactions.

How to manage investments

Operations of index funds to rebalance portfolios at the last moment can distort the actual results of the day, the article says. This is a continuation of the old discussion between the supporters of active and passive ways of investment management.

The active approach involves self-selection of stock for investment, while the passive shifts the responsibility for selection on the index of operators — that is, those who composes the bonds, blue chips and other stocks by industry, thereby influencing the ETF.

Proponents of active management, who have been steadily losing ground due to too high a Commission in recent years, argue that passive strategies are good as long as they are followed by a relatively small proportion of investors. When their share becomes dominant, following the indices begins to bring additional volatility and even distortions to the markets that do not correspond to the true intentions of investors and the market situation. This is what happened at the end of trading on Thursday, October 11.

Pampa auf Yobit endete. Die Börse wählte PutinCoin

Pampa auf Yobit endete. Die Börse wählte PutinCoin

Pampa auf Yobit endete. Die Börse wählte PutinCoin

Wer will nicht schnell und einfach Geld verdienen? Sie hatten die Gelegenheit, genug an der Pampa an der Börse Yobit teilzunehmen (darüber haben wir auf dem Kanal geschrieben). Und obwohl die offizielle Windel einer zufälligen Münze Wut und Verurteilung in der kryptokomunition verursacht hat, konnte jemand immer noch gut aufsteigen.

Diesmal Börse wählte Münze PutinCoin. Es ist In der coinmarketcap-Rangliste, wo es 1083 Platz mit einer Marktkapitalisierung von 161 tausend Dollar einnimmt. Wir werden bemerken, dass der Präsident der Russischen Föderation nichts mit der kryptowährung zu tun hat.

Pump it!

Die Geschichte stammt aus dem 11. Oktober. An diesem Tag erschien auf dem offiziellen Twitter-Account Yobit Informationen über die bevorstehende Pampa zufallsmünze an der Börse. Viele nahmen die Nachricht als Witz auf, aber die Vertreter des tauschers hatten ziemlich ernste Absichten.

Das» Opfer " der Pampa war die PUT-Münze (PutinCoin). Während 10 Minuten kaufte die Börse eine bestimmte Anzahl von Münzen im Wert von 1 BTC. In dieser Zeit wurde 10 BTC für den Windeln ausgegeben. Das Ergebnis-PutinCoin stieg um 1400 Prozent (von 118 auf 1768 Satoshi). Darüber hinaus sind die Handelsvolumina der kryptowährung in nur 40 Minuten auf 130 BTC gestiegen.

Alles, was scharf nach oben zieht, sollte genauso dramatisch fallen. Es scheint das Grundgesetz der kryptoindustrie zu sein. Nachdem Yobit aufgehört aufzukaufen PutinCoin, Kurs Münzen entlud sich in nur wenigen Minuten.

Abbildung Quelle-Bitcoinist

Wie auch immer, Yobit schaffte Es, die Marke von 28 Millionen US-Dollar an Handelsvolumina zu überwinden. Höchstwahrscheinlich verwendet der Tauscher nicht mehr zum ersten mal solche Taktiken. Früher wurde das Management der Börse wegen versteckter Windeln von Münzen angeklagt. Laut einer unabhängigen Studie ist Yobit der bevorzugte Ort für altcoins-Machenschaften. Vielleicht wird die Börse in Zukunft weiterhin» offiziell " zufällige kryptowährungen kaufen.

When is it better to buy a new computer?

When is it better to buy a new computer?

When is it better to buy a new computer?

Over the past few weeks, received a lot of news from the world of computer hardware, many of which point to the imminent end of dark times for PC gaming, and though small, but the rollback of prices for components to more comfortable and familiar to us values. I tell you why I decided to, and when it happens.


The gloomy period of acute shortage of DRAM this year, most likely, will end. Thanks for this is the Chinese memory manufacturer Nanya Technology, which currently ranks fourth in terms of production of RAM after Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron. The fact here is that as part of the flare-up trade war between the US and China, the Chinese authorities have limited the presence of micron memory in the territory of their country, which clears the market for Nanya. Obviously, this will entail an overabundance of RAM and, as a result, the desire of manufacturers to sell the surplus as quickly as possible.

In addition, next year is expected to reduce the demand for PC components and smartphones, which is also somewhat cripple the price of DRAM. The Wall Street Journal, referring to analysts from DRAMeXchange, predict a decline in prices for RAM up to 16%. The growth in the production of memory chips will also have a significant impact on the pricing of solid state drives, which, according to the forecasts of the same DRAMeXchange should fall by 37%. Everything should happen before the end of 2018.

Video card

Here everything is quite obvious and classic. According to some rather plausible rumors, the new generation of Nvidia GTX will start on August 30 this year with the release of GTX 1180. The GTX 1170 and GTX 1160 will go on sale on September 30 and October 30, respectively. As is usually the case, the output of the new generation of graphics cards significantly drop the price of the previous one. According to preliminary data, GTX 1080Ti will fall by $ 100, and GTX 1080 by $ 50.

Of course, our native domestic retailers will do everything that we would not have seized a heart attack from the sharp decline in the cost of video cards, but as new models arrive they will have nowhere to go – the prices will have to be reduced.

In short, before November or December 2018, it is better not to think about buying a new video card – there is a chance to throw away up to 5 thousand rubles.


With processors, unfortunately, no price movements are observed. But it is necessary to understand that the prices for processors are not as frightening as for graphics cards or RAM. In the middle price segment, we now have an excellent and inexpensive Ryzen 5 2600 (≈15 000r.) and for more steep configurations still good INTEL Core i7 8700K (≈26 000r.). Looks not as scary as the recent GTX 1070 50 000..


At the beginning of next year it will be possible to collect an excellent gaming PC for adequate money. Economical configuration on Ryzen 5 2600 with GTX 1070 and 16GB of RAM is enough for another two or three years of comfortable play in the new AAA-titles. If the budget issue you have is not so acute, the INTEL Core i7 8700K in conjunction with GTX 1080Ti and 32GB of memory will reveal all possible graphic dances for a very long time. Plus, for a long time have become an integral part of the game machine SSD-drives should fall in price in the most radical way that will save even more hard-earned.

The collapse of the stock market as the beginning of a new financial crisis. What's next?

Investors and politicians from different countries are excited about the crisis.

The collapse of the stock market as the beginning of a new financial crisis. What's next?

Such a combination of the most unfavorable factors has long been gone, and it is unlikely that the world economy will withstand the burden of accumulated problems.
While some people speak with fear about the approach of the crisis, others — more far-sighted-silently prepare for it.

Each of us can get hit by a new financial Apocalypse, lose their jobs and savings, be at the bottom of the financial pit:

How to behave at the peak of the crisis? What exactly should be done, how to minimize losses?

You and I, in a sense, are lucky-we don't need to reinvent the wheel.
We can use the experience of going through financial crises, which for several decades have tested the strength of the world economy.
To do this, it is enough to strictly observe several important rules for handling your finances and emotions.

Here they are:

1) Don't rush.

The main thing when you are faced with a crisis is to control yourself and not to panic:

It is unlikely that you will be able, being in the midst of the crisis, to predict — what investments will be the most disastrous and what the most sustainable.
You are likely to make a mistake and not one. But the loss and the loss of money should not frighten you — because "the tide reveals all the boats."
It's hard to keep your composure when everything that you have created for many years is collapsing before your eyes. But if you" built for centuries", then your investments are guaranteed to withstand the impact of the financial element.

2) Do not believe the forecasts.

In the midst of the crisis, the Internet and the media are overflowing with forecasts and assumptions of analysts and experts.

However, it is IMPOSSIBLE to understand what will actually happen next!

So don't waste your time reading these predictions.
Blindly trusting them, you risk losing a lot more money than because of the crisis itself.

3) Divide the investment.

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket!"

Make sure you have invested in different financial instruments and assets.
This will significantly reduce your risks, untie your hands and allow you to earn money while everyone around them lose.

4) Buy cheaper assets.

In a crisis, people will be forced to sell a lot of their property:

If you see a good growth potential of these assets after the end of the acute phase of the crisis — then feel free to buy them.
To do this, you must have a stock of cash ("cash" — is the most valuable asset in the crisis).
A little tip: if you lack your own savings, try to unite with other people.

5) Don't fuss.

Shifting money from one asset to another (for example, from the ruble to the dollar and back), you are likely to find yourself "in the red" because of the payment of fees for the transaction.

And finally, a few more tips on financially literate behavior:

Start small-invest small amounts each month (part of your salary).

Do not invest the last money!

Beware of the promise of high interest (free cheese only in a mousetrap-an incredible profit is given only by crooks and financial pyramids).

1. The crisis is not terrible to someone who knows exactly how to behave in difficult times.

2. A reasonable investment will make you a wealthy person. Financially illiterate behavior dooms you to endless problems and hassle.

How much money hides in the accounts acne Buterin?

How much money hides in the accounts acne Buterin?

How much money hides in the accounts acne Buterin?

The founder of Ethereum was accused of fraud. Buterin responded to slander and revealed the amount of his income by publishing his ETH address.

One of the main critics of cryptomeria, an economist from NYU, Nouriel Roubini accused Vitalik Buterin in cryptomancer. This is not the first attack by the economist on the Creator of ETH cryptocurrency. Rubini recently called Buterin a life dictator.

Vitalik did not waste time on excuses and disputes, but simply tweeted a link to his ETH-address.

Information about advertising in Twitter and privacy
The account was 365 003 ETH, which is translated into dollars in the amount of more than 74 000 000 dollars. According to Buterin, this address contains most of his major transactions. He does not hide that he owns other addresses, but compared to this the amount lying on them is much less.

Buterin published his ETH address

Recall, recently Vitalik Buterin said that the Ethereum network "quietly survive" without its founder.

"I think the Ethereum quietly continue development if tomorrow I'm gone".

Recently, the founder of Ethereum made many pessimistic statements. So, in early September, Buterin said that the opportunities for the thousand-fold growth of the crypto industry are exhausted.

Der Weg nach oben: 12 überzeugende Gründe, dass Ethereum wachsen wird

Der Weg nach oben: 12 überzeugende Gründe, dass Ethereum wachsen wird

Der Weg nach oben: 12 überzeugende Gründe, dass Ethereum wachsen wird

Ethereum ist eine sehr vielschichtige Plattform, deren Aussichten praktisch Grenzenlos sind. So glaubt Lane Rettig, Gründer von CRYPTO NYC. In seiner jüngsten Veröffentlichung auf Medium führte Rettig 12 Beweise, dass für Astraleums alles gerade erst beginnt. Das Gespräch wird nicht über die Marktkapitalisierung oder den Preis der Münze gehen. Der Experte achtet nur auf die grundlegenden Faktoren - das Wachstum des kryptowährungs-ökosystems und seine Anwendung.


1 Grund #1: alles geht nach Plan
2 Grund # 2: Maker funktioniert
3 Grund #3: Brieftaschen sind noch besser geworden
4 Grund # 4: Loom Network
5 Grund # 5: Entwicklung neuer Ethereum-Kunden
6 Grund # 6: stacking bringt Geld
7 Grund # 7: Entwicklung des Konsenses innerhalb von Ethereum
8 Grund # 8: Bildungsressourcen
9 Grund # 9: Entstehung von Fonds
10 Grund #10: DApps finden praktische Anwendung
11 Grund Nr. 11: funktionierende mikrozahlungen
12 Grund #12: Astraleums Gemeinschaft

Grund #1: alles geht nach Plan

Astraleums Roadmap wird allmählich in die Realität umgesetzt. Sharding, Casper, Ewasm und andere Verbesserungen sind nicht mehr nur eine Theorie, sondern ein fast fertiges Projekt. Die einzelnen logischen Blöcke sind gebildet, und das Ethereum Foundation-Team beendet die Arbeit an kleinen Details.

In letzter Zeit haben sich viele talentierte und vielversprechende Persönlichkeiten den Entwicklern angeschlossen. An Der Schaffung von Proof-of-Concept Ethereum 2.0 arbeiten Teams mit guter Finanzierung.

Ich werde eine kühne Aussage machen: es gibt keine unüberwindlichen Hindernisse für Entwickler.

Die Skalierung des Astraleums ist nur eine Frage der Zeit.

Grund # 2: Maker funktioniert

Nicht nur Tether kann uns mit steeblecoins versorgen. Dies gelingt auch dem Maker-Projekt, auf dessen Plattform das Dai-Token veröffentlicht wird. Sein Preis entspricht einem Dollar. Zwischen USDT und Dai gibt es einen wichtigen Unterschied — Dai wird von Ethereum-basierten Smart contracts bereitgestellt, während Tether von der Währung in einer zentralen Organisation unterstützt wird.

Wie hat Maker in einem Bärenmarkt überlebt? Das Projekt verwendet einen Mechanismus für gesicherte schuldenpositionen (CDP) und andere externe wirtschaftliche Anreize. Während all dies funktioniert, funktioniert es dezentralisiert. Wir werden erinnern, Tether im letzten Jahr hat es geschafft, viel Lärm wegen Gerüchten über die unvollständige Sicherheit von USDT-Tokens zu verursachen.

All dies funktioniert auf der Grundlage von Astraleum. Investoren interessieren sich allmählich für Maker und genießen Dai als Ersatz für Tether.

Grund # 3: Brieftaschen sind noch besser geworden

Viel, viel besser. Denken Sie nur, was wir vor einem Jahr hatten und was wir jetzt haben: Coinbase Wallet, Wallet, Trust Wallet, Cipher Browser und Status. Die Schnittstellen der Geldbörsen werden ständig aktualisiert, so dass unerfahrene Benutzer viel einfacher sind, die Prinzipien der Weiterleitung von kryptowährungen zu verstehen.

Jetzt ist es bereits möglich, den Balance Manager herunterzuladen, bald wird es auch viele andere interessante Anwendungen für die Speicherung von Astraleum geben. Die gleiche Wallet Connect verfügt über einen opensorstandard, mit dem Sie Mobile Wallets mit einem PC verbinden können.

Grund # 4: Loom Network

Im Juni startete das Team sein erstes Projekt namens Plasma Cash, das es ermöglichte, ERC-721-Token auf Loom-Seiten zu verwenden. Jetzt hat das Startup ein vollständig funktionierendes Zombie Battleground-Spiel, das auf der Grundlage der Plasma-Implementierung funktioniert. Das Kartenspiel wäre ohne Astraleums unmöglich, viele Spieler werden es nicht einmal erraten!

In ZB präsentiert ein sehr vielversprechendes marketingmodell-Entwickler haben es geschafft, müde in-game-Käufe zu vermeiden. Stattdessen haben Sie ein Provisionssystem eingeführt, das den Spielern noch sehr gefällt. Statistiken sprechen für sich selbst-die Anzahl der aktiven Nutzer Zombie Battleground über 100 tausend.

Grund # 5: Entwicklung neuer Ethereum-Kunden

Mehrere Kunden wurden in den letzten Monaten veröffentlicht: Nimbus, Pegasys und Lighthouse. Alle von Ihnen wurden von Profis in Teams mit guter Unterstützung und Finanzierung entwickelt.

Jede dieser Ideen hat Ihre eigenen Eigenschaften. Zum Beispiel ist Nimbus für Mobile Geräte optimiert, und Pegasys hat eine vollständig modulare Struktur, die in Java läuft. Mehr Entwickler und Forscher werden dem Prozess der kundenerstellung beigetreten, was bedeutet, dass wir schließlich mehr Dezentralisierung in Ideen, Roadmaps und Baga-Resistenz erhalten.

Grund # 6: stacking bringt Geld

Das Konzept des stacking für eine Person, die weit von der kryptowährung entfernt ist, sieht ziemlich lächerlich aus, als wäre es «Geld aus der Luft zu schaffen». In der Tat hat das Thema ein enormes Potenzial.

Ich habe Mehrere livepeer-Token an den Transcoder delegiert. Der gesamte Prozess dauerte nur ein paar Momente, und dann kann man die Token für eine Weile vergessen. Nach 102 Runden steaking (etwa 13 Wochen) bekam ich 11,82 LPT Gewinne. Das sind 189 Prozent des jährlichen Gewinns.

In Bezug auf die Wirtschaft wird das steaking-Einkommen mit der Ankunft neuer Menschen in die Industrie allmählich sinken. Wenn Anleger jedoch mehr Auswahl in steaking-Projekten haben (einschließlich Ethereum selbst), wird dieser Prozess eine ausgezeichnete Alternative Altersvorsorge für Millionen von Menschen sein.

Grund # 7: Entwicklung des Konsenses innerhalb von Ethereum

Es ist schwierig, ein so großes Projekt zu verwalten, aber in den letzten Monaten haben wir einen großen Schritt vorwärts in dieser Angelegenheit erlebt. Entwickler haben es geschafft, einen Konsens über mehrere EIPS zu erreichen, den blockpreis zu reduzieren und die Details des Constantinople hardforks zu diskutieren. Es gibt weiterhin Diskussionen über die Stabilität des Ethereum-Netzwerks gegen ASIC-Mining und die änderung des Proof-of-Work-Algorithmus.

Vor dem hintergrund seiner «Konkurrenten» sieht Ethereum sehr gut aus. Bitcoin-entwicklervereinbarungen sind in das auftreten von fast nutzlosen Gabeln (und Bitcoin Cash) gegossen. EOS erlebt auch nicht die besten Zeiten-das Projekt hat ernsthafte Probleme mit der Dezentralisierung.

Grund # 8: Bildungsressourcen

In diesem Jahr hat der junge Entwickler Karl Flores den Cryptoeconomics-Service, die einen kostenlosen vollständigen Open-Source-Kurs bietet. Und in der Zwischenzeit erscheinen Hunderte von interessanten Materialien über blockchain auf Blockgeeks.

Andreas Antonopoulos wird bald Mastering Ethereum veröffentlichen, das auch opensorisch sein wird. Wenn Sie eine eigene DApp erstellen möchten, gehen Sie einfach zu Den chainshot-Kursen, hier können Sie die Solidity-Programmiersprache selbst lernen. Die spielerische Variante des Kurses ist in Ethernaut vom Zeppelin-Startup verkörpert.

Darüber hinaus wird das lernen von Krypta und blockchain allmählich auch in den Top-Bildungseinrichtungen der Welt eingeführt.

Grund # 9: Entstehung von Fonds

Fonds für Ethereum-basierte Investitionen erscheinen noch schneller als Sie sich vorstellen können. Traditionelle Möglichkeiten, Risikokapital zu verteilen, haben ernsthafte Konkurrenten: Stable Fund, ECF, Status Incubate, EF grants, ETHPrize und Aragon Nest.

Der Prozess der Investition durch diese Projekte kann langsam sein, aber es verbessert sich jeden Tag. Es ist auch erwähnenswert, die Bounties-Systeme von Gitcoin und Bounties Network.

Grund # 10: DApps finden praktische Anwendung

Das Ethereum-ökosystem kann endlich einige Orte ersetzen, um die traditionellen Web2-Anwendungen und Dienste, die wir jeden Tag nutzen, zu ersetzen. Slack, GMail, Twitter und Reddit haben bereits dezentrale alternativen.

Natürlich, während diese DApps wie Spielzeug Aussehen. Sie haben begrenzte Möglichkeiten, und nicht viele Menschen nutzen Sie jeden Tag. Dezentrale Anwendungen haben jedoch ein enormes Wachstumspotenzial in der Zukunft.

Grund # 11: funktionierende mikrozahlungen

Im Rahmen des Dienstes beginnt SpankChain ein funktionierendes ökosystem zu schaffen. Das Entwicklungsteam verbessert das Projekt weiter und schreibt ständig Informationen über den Fortschritt der Updates im Medium. Sie haben eine eigene Website mit Live-Streaming, Chat und micropayments auf Basis von Ethereum erstellt.

Kürzlich hatten Sie ein eigenes System zum stapeln von SpankBank-Tokens, und bald werden die Projektteilnehmer in der Lage sein, Token an der internen Börse zu handeln. SpankChain löst das eigentliche Problem, mit dem Modelle in der Erwachsenen-Entertainment-Industrie konfrontiert sind. Früher wurden Ihre Bankkonten oft wegen unbestätigter Einnahmen eingefroren. Jetzt können Sie anonym und sicher verdienen.

Grund # 12: Astraleums Gemeinschaft

Community kryptowährung nahm mehrmals für dieses Jahr. Um dies zu sehen, nur zu einer Vortragsveranstaltung EthCC oder хакатоны ETHGlobal und ETHBerlin. Unity ist mehr als nur Technologie. Es erwirbt alle Anzeichen einer völlig unabhängigen sozialen oder sogar politischen Bewegung.

Wenn in absehbarer Zukunft immer noch «der Mörder des Äthers " erscheint, ist es unwahrscheinlich, dass er in kurzer Zeit die Popularität und Wertschätzung seines Konkurrenten erreichen kann. Die Ether-Einheit besteht aus Missionaren und nicht Söldnern. Nun, und noch ein paar Regenbogen und Einhörner.

Der Kurs von Ethereum und Ripple stieg in 5 Minuten um 10%, der Markt erholt sich?

Der Kurs von Ethereum und Ripple stieg in 5 Minuten um 10%, der Markt erholt sich?

Der Kurs von Ethereum und Ripple stieg in 5 Minuten um 10%, der Markt erholt sich?

Die Preise für Ethereum (ETH) und Ripple (XRP) sind in den letzten fünf Minuten um mehr als 10 Prozent gestiegen, trotz des Mangels an Dynamik seitens der größten kryptowährung der Welt — Bitcoin. Das Wachstum des Kurses von XRP und ETH wurde ungefähr zur gleichen Zeit auf Bitfinex initiiert, was andere große digitale devisenbörsen beeinflusst.

Mögliche Wachstumsfaktoren für XRP

Früher heute haben wir berichtet, dass xRapid, ein System, das das XRP-Token für schnelle und sichere grenzüberschreitende Zahlungen verwendet, in Kürze gestartet wird.

Kurzfristige Aufregung um Ripple schwingt auch mit falscher Erwartung auf eine potenzielle Auflistung auf Coinbase Anfang 2018. Keine glaubwürdigen Quellen oder geschätzten Daten auf dem kryptowährungsmarkt haben große Partnerschaften oder Ereignisse für Ripple gemeldet, was darauf hindeutet, dass die XRP-Bewegung ausschließlich vom Markt initiiert wurde.

Verdächtige Volatilität Astraleums

In der Regel ist Ethereum unabhängig von der Entwicklung der Branche, da Die zweitgrößte kryptowährung auf dem Markt ein großes ökosystem dezentraler Anwendungen (dApps) darstellt.

Es ist selten, dass ein bestimmtes Ereignis den Preis der ETH beeinflussen kann. Daher wurde ein starker Anstieg der ETH-Preise eher durch eine Gruppe von Investoren verursacht, die auf eine korrigierende Rallye Bestand, nachdem Ethereum einen starken Rückgang von 220 auf 190 Dollar verzeichnete.

Bank of America named 9 companies that will earn billions on blockchain

Bank of America named 9 companies that will earn billions on blockchain

Bank of America named 9 companies that will earn billions on blockchain

The market associated with the introduction of blockchain technologies is able to grow to $7 billion.the Mass use of innovative technology makes it possible to repeatedly improve its financial position to high-tech giants and major players in the real estate market.

The large-scale introduction of the blockchain will provide an opportunity for large high-tech corporations to earn billions, says an analyst at Bank of America Kash Rangan.

The expert suggested that at some point in the future 2% of the existing corporate servers will run on the blockchain. If we take into account that the operational maintenance of only one such server will be $5,500 thousand per year, the total volume of the blockchain technology market can reach $7 billion.

The potential beneficiaries of the implementation of distributed registry technologies are such companies as Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle, the analyst noted.

"Amazon will benefit from the introduction of blockchain from the demand for cloud services, while improving the efficiency of supply chain tracking will improve Amazon's retail trade," the CNBC expert quotes.

Also, the analyst of Bank of America mentioned the Microsoft Azure platform, which is a catalog of solutions and cloud services ready for rapid automatic deployment. The technology giant can offer users the BaaS blockchain model, i.e. a ready-made business model from the cloud based on innovative digital technology.

Such well-known in the FINTECH industry companies as Oracle, IBM, and VMware is also able to capture its share of the emerging market. In addition to high-tech giants, great prospects to earn on the development of the blockchain appear among the major players in the real estate market and mortgages. The expert identified three companies in this sector: Redfin, Zillow, and LendingTree.

Wall street crash: investors dumping both stocks and dollars

Wall street crash: investors dumping both stocks and dollars

The us stock market has lost its strength. The collapse, which for several months experts predict, finally happened.

The indices suffered the strongest losses since February this year, having collapsed by more than 3%. Former leaders-technology giants-are now among the outsiders.

So, Apple fell by 3.6%, Google also by 3.6%, Amazon lost more than 6%, Facebook - about 4%, and Netflix collapsed by almost 9%.

As a result, the Nasdaq technology index fell by more than 4%, and this fall was the worst since June 2016.

Just a couple of days ago we wrote that all the conditions for the collapse have developed and it will be almost impossible to avoid it. It's only a matter of time.

Following the us stocks fell and other assets, in particular oil from $ 85 fell immediately to the area of $ 82 per barrel. Got and the Russian stock market, although he did not have time to absorb all the negative. Thus, Gazprom lost almost 3.5%, LUKOIL - 1.5%, Sberbank-about a percent.

Note a very interesting point - the fall in the us stock market is not accompanied by the usual for such cases, the strengthening of the dollar. And on the eve of treasuries were under pressure. The dollar at the end of the day fell to the basket of major currencies, that is, the capital from the stock market goes not to the protective assets, as treasuries, and investors generally prefer to get rid of dollars.

Theoretically, this description of what is happening is very generally suitable, but not so simple. First, we note that the yield of treasuries began to decline and it happened just before the closing, and today it continued.

That is, there is a demand for protective assets in the form of bonds, and these bonds are denominated in dollars.

Then how to explain the fall of the dollar, which today in the Asian session intensified amid the ongoing collapse of futures on us indices.

Perhaps we really see the collapse of the us market together with the collapse of the dollar, but we can not exclude that this is just a temporary manipulation of major players who are not the first time turning such a trick.

In September, for example, we have seen do not quite understand the weakening of the dollar, and then in the end quotes of the pair EUR/USD still went down. So it was at the beginning of this year, although then on the stock market about the fall was not yet out of the question.

In General, the collapse seems to have just begun, and its scale will be enormous. The main intrigue is how the dollar will behave. Given the increased geopolitical tensions, we may even witness the end of the era of domination of the us currency.

Cloud over wall street. Is it worth buying us stocks now

Cloud over wall street. Is it worth buying us stocks now

Cloud over wall street. Is it worth buying us stocks now

The s&P 500 index is now close to historical highs, and in the foreseeable future we can expect volatility and a new wave of correction in the us stock market. What should a private investor do in such conditions?

The us stock market is considered to be a place where dreams come true, including among Russian investors. More than 5,000 shares from 11 sectors of the economy and ADR of foreign companies, as well as about 1800 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are traded on us exchanges. The s&P 500 broad market index covers about 500 of the largest issuers by capitalization, most of which are transnational corporations.

Many of them have become a part of everyday life of many people, it is enough to mention only Apple smartphones, Facebook feed, a Cup of coffee from Starbucks. If you follow the precepts of Warren Buffett, the company with a clear business is the best option for a"reasonable investor."

But in the current conditions, it is hardly worth rushing with active purchases of American shares. The s&P 500 index is now close to historical highs, and in the foreseeable future, it is possible to predict a high probability of volatility growth and a new wave of correction in the us stock market.

Caution above all

The main factor playing against active investments in us stocks is the fed's monetary tightening cycle, which has made it a rule to increase the key rate by 25 basis points once a quarter. Add to this the increased risks of trade wars and the currency crisis in emerging markets, which was the first sign of imbalances in the financial system.

At the same time, the yield of U.S. Treasury bonds (Treasuries) is growing, that is, in fact, market interest rates in the United States. The yield of two-year securities for several months exceeds the dividend yield of S & P 500, which makes us stocks less attractive compared to government bonds.

Intermediate elections in the United States, which will be held on November 6, will also contribute to the acceleration of volatility. There is a significant risk that the Congress will become fully controlled by the Democrats, which will increase the political split in the country. This could rock global markets.

As a medium-term target for the s&p 500 index, I would indicate the level of 2650-2550 points at the current value of more than 2900 points. At the same time, it is too early to talk about the upcoming trend change and signs of a recession in the US. The American economy is developing steadily, and the Federal reserve is quite cautious about the process of raising rates. According to the estimates of the research organization FactSet, at the end of 2018, you can expect an increase in consolidated earnings per share of S & p 500 by 20.6% year — on-year, and in 2019-by 10.3%.

Ideas for tomorrow

To reduce the risks associated with the growth of fed rates, it is necessary to adhere to simple rules:

- avoid stocks of enterprises with high debt load and weak operating performance and securities with inflated multipliers;

snoring to treat traditional dividend sectors;

- look for interesting long-term stories and papers-the beneficiaries of the growth rates.

Securities that can be bought in the expectation of long-term growth are less dependent on fluctuations in economic cycles and are focused on breakthrough ideas. Some shares have already fallen well in price — most of the external negative factors played their quotes, and the potential for further decline is limited.

Such actions may include, for example, paper Facebook. The company is the undisputed leader in the market of new media, is financially stable and constantly innovates. Her Instagram service is popular among young people, the number of Its users has reached 1 billion Ahead — the monetization of WhatsApp messenger.

No less interesting option is the manufacturer of semiconductors Micron Technology. Recently, investors have been concerned about the possible oversaturation of the microchip market and the risk of a full-fledged trade war with China, which will hit the export of Micron products. But in fact, we have a company with strong balance sheet indicators, serious prospects for income growth and low multipliers. In the spring, the Corporation announced a stock repurchase program by $10 billion Also worth noting is the shift of demand in the market of chips and semiconductors in the direction of more expensive solutions in cloud, mobile and autosegment.

Another attractive paper traded in the US market is the stock of Alibaba Group, the leader in e-Commerce in China. China's population exceeds 1.4 billion people, with 57% of citizens using the Internet. For comparison-in the US we are talking about 83% of the population. This opens up broad prospects for e-Commerce in China. In addition, Alibaba is expanding beyond the country, including India, whose population is about 1.3 billion people.

In the us market, you can find "protective" shares, which are less subject to fluctuations in turbulent conditions. First of all, these are papers of traditional pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of essential goods.

It is worth paying attention to the shares of American banks. The balance sheets of many financial institutions are designed so that with the growth of interest rates increases the interest margin, and hence the interest income. Citigroup shares look interesting in terms of a set of factors, including market multipliers. JPMorgan & Chase securities seem to be a good investment, although now these shares are clearly overheated.

Despite the growth of the fed's rates, it is not necessary to completely discard dividend stories, because it is a good alternative to Bank deposits. You can look at the shares of Telecom giant AT&T, retailer Macy's and the leader of the American automotive industry General Motors. Their dividend yield is very solid 4-6%. However, before you buy these shares, you need to wait for their drawdown. At the same time, their dividend yield will grow.

Among the exchange-traded funds (ETF) it is worth paying attention to Vanguard Total World Stock, the portfolio of which includes 8109 securities of companies from developed and developing countries. In the sectoral context, the Fund of biotechnology companies iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology is quite popular — this industry can survive the second Renaissance against the background of population aging in developed countries. To earn dividends allow paper funds SPDR S&P Dividend Vanguard High Dividend Yield. There are also quite "local" ideas, for example, investments in the sphere of artificial intelligence, but these market sectors require careful study based on the analysis of fundamental factors.

American stock market-started or "wolves, wolves"?

American stock market-started or "wolves, wolves"?

American stock market-started or "wolves, wolves"?

It is, of course, about the American stock market. "The market pumped up with steroids" is a definition in relation to the S&P500 I have heard especially often in 2012-2014. Since then, the index has grown more than a half times, and the voices of skeptics gradually dissolved in the news noise. When at the beginning of the year the index simultaneously fell 10%, these voices, like, again became audible, however, uncertain. This was followed by a promotion, and skeptics were out of work.

What is the difference between the fall of October? It is the attitude of market participants. When us stocks were adjusted at the beginning and middle of this decade, most participants saw signs of a new fall, similar to 2007-2008. But the fall did not happen. The last 2-3 years the correction was perceived already with no apparent panic, but nervously. And the fall of this week, and it is -7% (!), perceived already quietly, they say, turn down early. That and understandable, too often caution been bailed out deceived. Like in the parable about the boy who screamed, " wolves, wolves." The sheep weren't saved then.

I will not go into details about the set of reasons for this fall: the market is critically expensive, the growth cycle has been delayed for 10 years, and the market itself has grown very well, money rates are rising. The main thing – the growth cycle itself, for these reasons and because of the emotional situation of the market (few people expect a deep correction or reversal of the market down) has exhausted its potential.

This means that the potential of exchange energy has moved to the already ongoing and future sales. And then the current -7% is the beginning. Stock market-a complex system, not balanced, and therefore dramatically changing the paradigm of its behavior. The paradigm of the last 2-3 years is relatively slow growth. The most likely way out of it, as we can assume – a fairly rapid decline in prices. On him and do rate. Not local. With the groundwork months or even years to come. 1 500 – 2 000 p. for S & P500 – more sensible assessment, than current 2 728.

Vietnam-Ukrainian missiles exploded over Russia

Vietnam-Ukrainian missiles exploded over Russia

Vietnam-Ukrainian missiles exploded over Russia

Yesterday, the Russian media struck a sensation. Vietnamese information portal Soha News published an article in which he spoke about the secret trip of the us military and Israel to Ukraine in order to study the characteristics of samples of anti-aircraft missile systems S-300, in service with the Ukrainian military.

As reported by the Vietnamese media, the trip took place in the light of Russia's recent transfer of Syria s-300. The Ukrainian side provided foreign partners with complexes for field testing and described their combat capabilities. In addition, according to the author of the material, Ukraine has convinced Western experts that there are no significant differences between the samples available in the country's arms, and those S-300, which Russia provided to the Syrian army; as a result, for Israeli aircraft should not be difficulties in overcoming the Syrian S-300. Moreover, the publication said that Israeli pilots and 18 fourth-generation f-15C Eagle fighters arrived in Ukraine and tested the Ukrainian S-300.

As a source, the author referred to the unnamed Russian media, where he allegedly gleaned all this information (such media simply was not — they were invented by the author). In General, this publication was the usual throw.

Stop the Armada. How Russian air defense will reflect a massive air strike

For obvious reasons, such a text could not but attract the attention of Russian media — which naturally happened. However, the resonance in this case repeatedly surpassed the level of short messages of agencies and publications specializing in translation of materials of foreign mass media habitual for similar information occasions.
This time the content of the publication was retold by dozens of Russian media, including the first series. And in most of the presentation was not in the format of "here the Vietnamese media wrote something interesting, "and"Americans and Israelis in Ukraine s-300 studied."

And though, in principle, anyone could establish that the Vietnamese publication is based on emptiness, — news furiously went to be replicated. Fake retransmitted, commented in the spirit of" well, that's all, that helped the Syrians, " dispersed on social networks and public and, most insulting, forced quite serious professionals to go out and explain how the story described in the article phantasmagoric and delusional.

... Modern media has a huge problem. The speed of dissemination of information in the world has increased so much, and the competition between the media for the right to become "the main information conduit in the user's head" has become so acute that now even the most cautious and respecting their reputation publications from time to time fall for fakes. Those who are not careful and do not observe, in the pursuit of ratings and in an effort to beat the competition just a) will not check anything, b) attach the most clickable header, C) and do not think to be upset because again relayed fake. For one simple reason: it is necessary to be responsible for a fake unless the reputation which price is often and so not obvious. A clique-it — here they are. And audience reach something- here it is, a citation, then that's it.

Just a few days ago, someone very successfully launched a repeat of the message about the crash of the us transport plane in Afghanistan, which actually happened three years ago. On a fake bought several major Russian publications, which published the relevant news. After the situation was clarified, the publications were either refuted or deleted. But still, most of the leading media ignored the fake news story, immediately clarifying its accuracy.
Here, however, this was not required at all, as if the reality of the Vietnamese article itself justified the dissemination of clearly — one could say demonstratively — false information contained in it.
As a result, this topic took a significant place in the information agenda of yesterday, frankly misleading a huge part of the audience (as well as squeezing out comments, emotions and discussions).

No one is immune from mistakes, especially in the world of operational information, where the speed of news publication is the most important criterion for success. But there is still a difference between an unintentional blunder and deliberately ignoring reality for the sake of exploiting the reader.

The Kremlin responded to Poroshenko's words about " fake news"

Of course, colleagues can understand. In contrast to the information space, the resource of which is almost infinite, human perception remains a limited resource. No viewer and reader can give more than 24 hours of attention per day — and then with such intensity of operation will quickly end. In addition, a significant part of the actual "payload" in the news of different publications is the same — which means that there is a "race of packages", "rocket war of headlines" and to the reader faster than others break through those who extract attention from it by the method of brain fracturing. Therefore, Vietnam-Ukrainian S-300 with Israeli aircraft were, alas, doomed to success.

But it cannot go on forever. Sooner or later, in addition to indicating the source of information, any media will have to be required to verify the information contained therein. Perhaps even legally. This will cause violent collective complaints about the suffocation of freedom of speech — but this is the case when the media themselves playing "clickbait" simply will not leave society and the state a choice. When a society is bombed with nuclear fakes-it will have to acquire its own information air defense.

Die Russen folgten ohne Ihr wissen

Die Russen folgten ohne Ihr wissen

Die Russen folgten ohne Ihr wissen

Die Facebook Social Network Administration hat Social Data Hub-Konten blockiert, die für die illegale Sammlung und Verarbeitung von Benutzerdaten verantwortlich sind. Diese Informationen haben die Vertreter der Plattform der Ausgabe von RusBase bestätigt.


Mitarbeiter haben berichten zufolge die Aktivität von 66 Seiten und Apps, die von Social Data Hub erstellt wurden, eingeschränkt. Sie gehen davon aus, dass die Analysten des Unternehmens Benutzerdaten und Ihre Fotos in der Arbeit verwendet haben. Zuvor hat das Netzwerk einen Brief an das Büro des Unternehmens geschickt, wo es erforderlich war, die Verarbeitung von Informationen zu beenden und zu zerstören. Auch die Plattform hofft, eine Liste von Social Data Hub-Kunden zu erhalten.

Die Facebook

Administration glaubt, dass die Handlungen des Unternehmens illegal waren. Die Art der Gebühren, die der Social Data Hub erhoben hat, ist identisch mit den Ansprüchen der Cambridge Analytica-Organisation.

Im Frühjahr 2018 wurde bekannt, dass dieses Affiliate-Unternehmen Arrays von Facebook-Nutzerdaten verwendet hat, um die öffentliche Meinung zu manipulieren. Das soziale Netzwerk hat ein Leck von Informationen über 90 Millionen Usern erkannt. Der Leiter des sozialen Netzes Mark Zuckerberg entschuldigte sich dann bei den Nutzern und gab zu, dass Facebook mit der zugewiesenen Verantwortung nicht fertig war.

The woman offered to humiliate the fat men and incurred the wrath of the crowd

The woman offered to humiliate the fat men and incurred the wrath of the crowd

The user of the forum Mumsnet under the nickname travelinterset proposed to humiliate fat people, so that they began to follow the figure, but the other visitors of the site expressed indignation.

Travelinterset wrote that the obesity crisis among young people is becoming more urgent than the problem of Smoking. The woman decided that if you shame fat people, they will quickly change the way of life. According to her, in the same way this system works with alcoholics and smokers.

Visitors of the forum reacted sharply to the proposal of the woman. They reacted negatively to her theory and explained that to disgrace people for any reason is a disgusting habit.

"I almost committed suicide after I was publicly humiliated because of obesity. I doubt I'm the only one," one user wrote.

"You have no idea what people are going through. One of my favorite teachers was overweight due to thyroid problems. It was not his fault, and public reproaches will not help her, " said another forum visitor.

In may, fitness blogger Lucy mountain (Lucy Mountain) said that unexpectedly received the diagnosis of "obesity" after gaining four pounds in 10 months.

Das Netzwerk verschmolzen Daten 113 Millionen Sportfans

Das Netzwerk verschmolzen Daten 113 Millionen Sportfans

Das Netzwerk verschmolzen Daten 113 Millionen Sportfans

BOB Diachenko hat 113,5 Millionen Nutzer des beliebten FitMetrix-Programms entdeckt, das für Sportfans entwickelt wurde. Darüber hat er im Blog von Hacken erzählt.

In Konten speichern FitMetrix-Benutzer persönliche und Kontaktinformationen sowie Gesundheitsinformationen. Dieses array von Informationen wurde von der Shodan-Suchmaschine gefunden. Es hilft, verschiedene mit dem Internet verbundene Geräte und cloud-Speicher zu finden.

Am 5. Oktober ist Dyachenko ungehindert angemeldet und hat 119 Gigabyte Daten heruntergeladen. Fitness-App-Daten werden seit September 2018 auf der Plattform indiziert, es markiert Sie als kompromittiert. Dies bedeutet, dass die Datenbank eine Datei mit einer zwangsvollstreckungsanforderung enthält.

Die Gesamtzahl der Einträge, die als fitmetrixaudit markiert wurden, übertraf 113,5 Millionen. Dyachenko hat angenommen, dass nicht alle von Ihnen Kunden — ein kleiner Teil von Informationen unpersönlich sind. Er glaubt jedoch, dass es immer noch viele echte Opfer gibt.

Seiner Meinung nach verwenden Angreifer ein Skript, das den Prozess des Datenbankzugriffs automatisiert, es exportiert und dann die Informationen entfernt und ein Lösegeld erfordert. Aber der von Hackern gestartete Prozess war nicht erfolgreich, da die Daten immer noch öffentlich zugänglich sind.

Früher wurde bekannt, dass das soziale Netzwerk für Strava-Athleten, die Globale Karte Global Heat Maps Gerätedaten gesendet, es erlaubt hat, geheime Militärbasen des US-Verteidigungsministeriums zu entdecken.

Hackers lured from fans of porn thousands of dollars

Hackers lured from fans of porn thousands of dollars

Hackers lured from fans of porn thousands of dollars

Several UK residents were victims of blackmail hackers who threatened to distribute personal videos with their participation. According to BleepingComputer, the criminals received several thousand dollars.

The grouping of extortioners began to send e-mails with threats on October 10. They contained messages about the hacking of the user's computer. Hackers claimed that they have video from a webcam on which the user browses porn sites. The victim was offered to pay a ransom in bitcoins.

For two days four victims transferred to Blackmailers more than 2,3 thousand dollars (more than 170 thousand rubles). So far, nothing is known about the criminals, and their activities have not been stopped. Previously, an identical group received in a few weeks from victims from the Netherlands more than 40 thousand euros (about three million rubles).

Experts report that porn ransomware has improved its tools. If they had previously intimidated the victim by running computer viruses, now they are also pretending to have hacked into the email account. The user receives a threatening e-mail allegedly from his own e-mail address to which the message is sent. As a rule, the subject of the letter also contains the e-mail address and an indication of the payment terms.

Earlier it became known about the hacker who blackmailed 82-year-old PR ed Eisen (Ed Eisen), threatening to spread the video where the man watches porn. The criminal demanded seven thousand dollars of repayment (more than 450 thousand rubles). The extortion attempt was unsuccessful, as it turned out that Eisen does not watch erotic films.

Vitalik Buterin prognostizierte eine neue Finanzkrise und Sprach über Ihre Münzen

Vitalik Buterin prognostizierte eine neue Finanzkrise und Sprach über Ihre Münzen

Wenn es um zukünftige Prognosen der traditionellen Wirtschaft geht, hören Investoren und Händler am häufigsten auf die Gedanken berühmter ökonomen.

Wenn es um zukünftige Prognosen der traditionellen Wirtschaft geht, hören Investoren und Händler am häufigsten auf die Gedanken berühmter ökonomen. Diesmal war in dieser Rolle der Schöpfer von Astraleum Vitalik Buterin. In einer Reihe von Tweets mit dem Gegner der kryptowährung NURIEL Rubini Buterin enthüllte sogar die Größe seines Zustandes.

Wie viel Äther hat Vitalik

Die Konfrontation zwischen Buterin und Rubini begann mit einem komischen Tweet von Vitalik.

Vitalik Non-giver of Ether


Ich habe vor kurzem eine finanzielle Krise einige Zeit zwischen jetzt und 2021.

Nicht, weil ich irgendeine spezielle Kenntnis habe oder sogar wirklich denke, dass, aber so dass ich eine ~25% (oder was auch immer) chance of later being publicly acclaimed as "a guru who predicted the last financial crisis"haben kann.

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Ich erkläre offiziell, dass die Finanzkrise bis 2021 passieren wird. Nicht, weil ich irgendeine Art von Insider habe oder ich denke, es gibt nur eine 25-prozentige Chance, dass ich Recht habe. Dann bekomme ich den Titel»Guru, der die Letzte Finanzkrise vorhergesagt hat".

Es scheint, dass der Witz einen echten Sturm negativer Emotionen bei Rubini verursacht hat. Der ökonom befahl Vitalik, «nur den Mund zu halten», dann kritisierte er den Schöpfer des Astraleums für die langen Versprechen, die mit der Einführung von Proof-of-Stake verbunden sind. Dann verfolgte Rubini überhaupt die gesamte Industrie.

Der Rückgang und die Apokalypse der kryptowährung gehen weiter. Gestern sind ETH, XRP und andere schlüsselmünzen um weitere 10 Prozent gefallen. Die Krypta steht kurz vor der totalen Zerstörung, aber alle panikbetrüger, Bots und Trolle greifen mich an!

Es ist bemerkenswert, dass der index von 500 ausgewählten US-Aktiengesellschaften (S&P 500) fast 4 Prozent nach den Worten von Vitalik fiel. Dies ist der größte Abfluss an der Börse seit dem Austritt Großbritanniens aus der EU.

Danach versuchte Rubini, auf der anderen Seite zu kommen-er beschuldigte Buterin und Mitbegründer der Ethereum Foundation Joseph Lubin in der Premium-kryptowährung. Vitalik hat die Situation schnell geklärt.

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* 10 Okt. 2018.
@VitalikButerin was the ring - leader - together with Joe Lubin-of the criminal pre-mining sale/scam that created Ether. They stole 75% of the Ether supply and became instant "billionaires" of fake wealth. …

Vitalik Non-giver of Ether

Ich helfe nie mehr als ~0.9% aller ETH, und mein Nettowert kam nie in der Nähe von $1B. Also, ich bin ziemlich sicher, es gibt keine kriminellen laws gegen vor-Bergbau.

Eins hundert siebzig

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Ich habe nie mehr als 0,9 Prozent aller Ethereum-Münzen gehalten. Mein Zustand hat nie mehr als 1 Milliarde Dollar. Und ich bin mir sicher, dass wir keine Gesetze haben, die premin verbieten würden.

Buterin veröffentlichte dann einen detaillierten Bericht über Ihre Ersparnisse. Im Moment hält der 24-jährige Entwickler 365 003 ETH im Wert von mehr als 70 Millionen US-Dollar. In diesem kann jeder sicherstellen, es genügt, nur die Brieftasche Vitalik auf Etherscan zu finden.

DEX fiel vor dem regler?

DEX fiel vor dem regler?

DEX fiel vor dem regler?

Zentral, dezentralisiert, Hybrid-die Wahl der kryptowechsel ist heute breit, aber das ist nicht weniger einfach. Traditionell war der offensichtlichste Unterschied zwischen CEX und DEX die Kontrolle über den regler. Zentralisierte Standorte haben versucht, Beziehungen mit der SEC aufzubauen, indem Sie Benutzerkomfort opfern, während dezentrale Privatsphäre befürworten. Dieses Verhältnis von Stärke will jedoch den neuen Spieler stören-die dezentrale Börse Everbloom, die bereits Beziehungen zu mehreren Finanzaufsichtsbehörden aufgebaut hat.

Es war so einfach

Wenn die Industrie erwachsen wird und sich entwickelt, werden Jugendlicher Maximalismus und Mode für die Anarchie durch den Wunsch ersetzt, näher zu kommen und sogar Beziehungen mit dem Regulator zu «legitimieren». So Verhalten sich heute fast alle großen und ernsthaften zentralisierten kryptowechsel. Coinbase, Circle, Kraken, Gemini — all diese Plattformen haben in den letzten Monaten Pläne eingereicht oder angekündigt, sich für eine Brokerage-Lizenz bei der SEC zu bewerben. Eine weitere Reihe von Plattformen, einschließlich Bitstamp, Poloniex, KuCoin und LocalBitcoins, haben die KYC-und AML-Anforderungen verschärft, indem Sie zwischen der Unzufriedenheit der Benutzer und der Unzufriedenheit des Regulators zuerst wählen.

KYC - Registrierung an der Börse-das Verfahren ist am häufigsten schmerzhaft. Einige Börsen, wie OKEx, lassen es» auf süß " und fordern KYC beim Rückzug in Fiat. Dies ist unangenehm, da der Benutzer die Entscheidung getroffen hat, Geld abzuheben und plant, es so schnell wie möglich zu machen, und die vollständige überprüfung mit der überprüfung der Dokumente dauert traditionell von 24 Stunden und öfter — mehr. Zum Beispiel beschweren sich OKEx-Benutzer über Verzögerungen von bis zu zwei Wochen sowie über SMS-Authentifizierungsfehler. Der andere offensichtliche minus von KYC ist der Zugang eines Dritten zu Ihren persönlichen und finanziellen Informationen, was der Idee der Privatsphäre widerspricht, für die viele in die Krypta gehen.

Vor diesem hintergrund sind die Vorteile dezentraler börsenplattformen «freie Beziehungen» mit dem Regulator und der Mangel an KYC. "Dezentrale Börsen ziehen im Gegensatz zu zentralisierten Einfachheit bei der Registrierung und dem weiteren Austausch von Daten an. Compliance auf solchen Plätzen... so neblig wie das Wetter in London... " - sagte der Direktor und Gründer Alexei Bytev.

Ein weiteres demokratisches Merkmal der DEX-Ideologie besteht in der Abwesenheit von großen Spielern, die Anreize und, wichtiger, die Mittel für schmutziges Spiel und Marktmanipulation zu Ihrem Vorteil haben. "Die hauptnische für dezentrale Börsen ist nicht die Erfüllung der Bedürfnisse von Walen und professionellen Händlern. Und die Benutzerfreundlichkeit für normale Menschen", schrieb Vitalik Buterin auf Twitter.


Ein neuer Teilnehmer, der im Juli von Everbloom gestartet wurde, ist jedoch eine ungewöhnliche dezentrale Börse, die keine Angst hat, sich mit Regulierungsbehörden und institutionellen Anlegern eng zu nähern. Zuvor hat das Unternehmen $2 Millionen von Mashable-Mitbegründer Frederick Tounes, von Ethereum early Investor Drew Volpa und Indicator Ventures, angezogen. Und jetzt will Everbloom eine lizenzierte Brokerfirma werden und große Investoren anziehen, während Sie gleichzeitig die Vorteile einer dezentralen Börse wie direkte trades und Selbstkontrolle Ihrer Mittel durch die Nutzer erhalten.

Everbloom hat sich kürzlich bei der US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registriert und eine Lizenz für den Financial Services Regulatory Service (FINRA) beantragt. Das Unternehmen glaubt, dass die Regulierungsbehörde angesichts der strengen Position der SEC gegenüber ICO-Tokens obligatorisch ist, nämlich dass viele der ERC-20-Token, die auf Everbloom gehandelt werden, vom Regulator als Wertpapiere angesehen werden können.

"Eine Brokerage-Lizenz zu erhalten, ist ein langer, mühsamer und teurer Prozess, aber wir glauben, dass es notwendig ist und dem Unternehmen langfristig einen Mehrwert verleiht und uns einen Vorteil gegenüber den Konkurrenten bietet", sagt Everbloom Chief operating Officer Scott Pirrello.

Freiheit der Wahl

Everbloom ist eine der größten und bekanntesten Marken von Everbloom. "custody" ist ein Repository) Plattform, die es ermöglicht, direkt von einer externen Brieftasche zu handeln (dh ohne die Vermittlung der Börse) und den Nutzern die volle Kontrolle über die Gelder zu geben. Pirrello nennt dies einen "wartungsorientierten Ansatz", um Mittel selbst zu speichern, wenn die Rolle der Börse darin besteht, die notwendigen Mechanismen für die Analytik und compliance sowie die Buchhaltungssoftware bereitzustellen.

Laut Andrew Rollins, CEO von Everbloom, wird ein solches «self-Control-System» DEX und institutionelle Investoren anziehen, die sich dafür entscheiden, einen speziellen Speicher für Ihre beeindruckenden Mittel zu haben und die Freiheit der Wahl zu schätzen wissen. "Die Attraktivität dezentraler Börsen oder Börsen ohne Speicher ist, dass [Händler] selbst Lösungen für die Speicherung von Geldern wählen können», sagt Rollins.

Was ist mit Liquidität?

Ein weiteres starkes Merkmal von Everbloom ist, dass es ein " Hub " für Auftragsbücher mit verschiedenen DEX ist (im Moment — mit EtherDelta, aber bald wird Everbloom auch beginnen, Aufträge mit 0x zu aggregieren). "Die Idee dahinter ist, verschiedene Liquiditätspools zu verbinden", sagt Rollins. Dies ist ein weiterer Vorteil von Everbloom gegenüber zentralisierten Börsen, auf denen große Aufträge nicht lange ausgeführt werden können, wodurch die Liquidität gesenkt wird. Trey Griffith, CEO von sparkswap Lightning Network, glaubt, dass die Liquidität für große Positionen in einem Wettbewerbsumfeld der sich entwickelnden dezentralen Börsen ein wichtiger Faktor sein sollte, der unternehmensnutzer anzieht. "Wer ein beträchtliches Volumen akkumuliert, wird wahrscheinlich gewinnen", sagt Griffith.

"Frei" Jahr

Vor dem Erhalt der Lizenz von FINRA wird die Börse keine provision erheben, und Pirrello erwartet, dass Die Antwort von den Aufsichtsbehörden mindestens ein Jahr dauern wird. Das heißt, während dieser Zeit können Händler völlig kostenlos Hunderte von Orders pro Tag öffnen, manchmal in mehreren orderbüchern auf einmal (das sind etwa 140,000 Angebote, die von verschiedenen DEX-Plattformen gesammelt wurden). Darüber hinaus bietet Everbloom auch geschlossene handelspaare an akkreditierte Investoren, die KYC anderswo übergeben haben, was eine weitere Angelrute für institutionelle Investoren ist.

Der Managing Partner der newblock Capital Foundation Alexander Nari wies darauf hin, dass die von Everbloom zur Verfügung gestellten Tools für transparente regulatorische Berichterstattung und compliance sehr gefragt sind. Er sieht die Ironie bei der Schaffung von Vermittlern für dezentrale Plattformen, glaubt aber, dass es wichtig ist, eine «bequeme Handelsplattform» für institutionelle Investoren zu haben. Nari handelt bereits auf Everbloom selbst und erwartet, dass sein Fonds in Zukunft auch diese Börse nutzen wird.

Auf dem Wasser: wie Hydro funktioniert

Auf dem Wasser: wie Hydro funktioniert

Auf dem Wasser: wie Hydro funktioniert

Auf dem Wasser: wie Hydro funktioniert

Viele Benutzer von Mining-Ausrüstung liefern viele Unannehmlichkeiten, die mit Lärm und überhitzung des Systems verbunden sind. ASIC-Miner und Hochleistungs-Grafikkarten erfordern eine Konstante Kühlung, da eine erhebliche Menge an Wärme freigesetzt wird. Die Klimaanlage der Anlage kann über Ventilatoren durchgeführt werden. Darüber hinaus gibt es hydroinstallationen auf dem Markt, die helfen, das System mit Wasser zu kühlen. Diese Art des Bergbaus hat seinen Namen — Hydro-Mining.

Hydro-Mining ist eine Art von kryptowährung Bergbau, die durch die Auswirkungen von Wasserkraft Ressourcen durchgeführt wird-Wasser. Diese Art von Bergbau ist eine umweltfreundliche und nachhaltige Form der kryptowährung im Vergleich zum traditionellen Prozess.

Durch die Verwendung von Wasser wird die Ausrüstung für den Bergbau gekühlt, so dass die Kosten für Strom reduziert werden und die Leistung der Mining-Anlage selbst erhöht wird. Wasserkühlsysteme unterstützen die Standardtemperatur und verhindern überhitzung, so dass die Produktion immer funktioniert und Ausfallzeiten reduziert werden.

Dmitry Golubev, Verkaufsleiter von Tominers, der sich mit Hydro-Mining-Anlagen beschäftigt, sagte in einem Kommentar zu DeCenter, dass viele angehende Bergleute Farmen und asiki zu Hause in einem Wohnraum platzieren wollen, aber das laute Geräusch der Laufenden Ausrüstung verhindert, dass Sie es tun. "Die Flüssigkeitskühlung reduziert nicht nur den Geräuschpegel, sondern erhöht auch die Produktivität um 25-30%.»

Wasser ist eine erneuerbare Energiequelle, und in den meisten Ländern, in denen die Bevölkerung an der kryptowährungsindustrie interessiert ist, treten keine Probleme mit Wasserressourcen auf. Hydro-Mining, im Gegensatz zu der klassischen Art der Münze Bergbau, schadet nicht die Umwelt-heizt nicht die Luft um.

Neben der Verwendung von umweltfreundlichen Energiequellen bietet die Wasserversorgung eine erhöhte Zuverlässigkeit, Wirtschaftlichkeit und eine verbesserte Leistung. Vertreter des Unternehmens Hydromine.die russische Föderation Maxim kuzminykh in den Kommentaren für dieses Material erklärte, dass die Hydro-Mining-Anlage ermöglicht deutlich Platz im Rechenzentrum Dank der hohen Dichte der Platzierung der Leiterplatten in Modulen und das fehlen von luftkorridoren zu sparen. "Die gekühlte Ausrüstung ist nicht mehr Verschleiß ausgesetzt, weil Sie vollständig vor der Exposition gegenüber der äußeren Umgebung geschützt ist: Verschmutzung der mikroskopischen staubplatten, Korrosion, mögliche Kurzschlüsse aufgrund der Ansammlung von Kondensat bei Minustemperaturen und so weiter."

Maxim kuzminykh führt den technischen Pass der Hydro-Mining-Anlage, wo die Funktion des Systems beschrieben wird. Zum Beispiel kann die Kühlung nach den Prinzipien «Wasser-Luft» oder «Wasser-Wasser»durchgeführt werden. Im ersten Fall nimmt die Umwälzpumpe die erhitzte Flüssigkeit von der Oberseite der Anlage ab, dann leitet Sie durch den Heizkörper das Wasser nach unten. Ein Ventilator, der an der Unterseite gegenüber dem Heizkörper installiert ist, kühlt die Durchströmung der Luft durch die kühlerrohre strömende Flüssigkeit ab. Als Nächstes kommt es zurück in den Boden der Anlage und kühlt die Geräte.

In der zweiten Variante der Kühlung nach dem Prinzip «Wasser-Wasser» nimmt die Umwälzpumpe die erhitzte Flüssigkeit von der Oberseite der Anlage ab und sendet Sie an den Wärmetauscher. Dann liefert Wasser aus dem Brunnen oder der zentralen Wasserversorgung und führt es durch den gleichen Wärmetauscher. Als Nächstes werden heiße und kalte Flüssigkeiten durch Wärme ausgetauscht. Wasser nach dem Wärmetauscher sollte in den Abfluss oder zurück in die Wasserleitung gehen.

Zwei Experten sind sich einig,dass aufgrund jeder Stunde der Ausfallzeiten der Ausrüstung Geld verloren. Die Verwendung von Wasserkühlsystemen im Bergbau sorgt dafür, dass die Anlagen einer sicheren Betriebstemperatur mit einem niedrigeren energiepreis standhalten. Aufgrund dieser Vorteile steigt die Nachfrage nach Hydro-Mining-Ausrüstung. "In letzter Zeit haben wir eine Zunahme der Popularität von immersionskühlsystemen beobachtet. Kunden, die sich für den Bergbau interessieren, sind genug, und nicht alle von Ihnen sind aus Russland. Es gibt Kunden aus Europa und den GUS-Staaten», sagt Dmitry Golubev und versichert, dass die Volatilität des kryptowährungskurses den Wunsch, kryptowährung zu produzieren, nicht beeinflusst.

Golubev ist sicher, dass Bergbau Mittel-und langfristig rentabel bleibt. "Der Abbau von kryptowährungen in der Form, in der es heute existiert, wird mindestens 2 Jahre kosteneffektiv sein. Die Hauptsache ist, gute Ausrüstung zu haben. Bevor Sie kaufen, überprüfen Sie das System vollständig, Vertrauen Sie nicht auf unbekannte Unternehmen, arbeiten Sie nur mit geprüften Lieferanten im Voraus. Jene Bergleute, die jetzt in das kryptogeschäft eintreten werden, werden in Zukunft in der Lage sein, ausgezeichnete Dividenden zu erhalten.

SEC and tezer send bitcoin to drop down

SEC and tezer send bitcoin to drop down

SEC and tezer send bitcoin to drop down

In the weekly analyst Pavel Shchipanov, head of the ICBF analysis and research group, spoke about the reasons for the collapse of the value of crypto assets and when to wait for the market to turn.

The long phase of bitcoin movement without clear guidelines, which we reviewed in the last review, finally ended with panic sales of all cryptocurrencies, which is confirmed by the screenshot below. But it's already a success, it was the exit $6500−$6600, which has long hampered any attempt by the price movements up or down. But finally came the very moment that allows us to say that the expected powerful movement of the market began. At the moment, there was no going beyond the wider boundaries of price consolidation from $6000−$6800, so the latter also remain relevant, and only their overcoming will be a signal to send the price either to the "deep basement" or "Tu ze moon".

It's time to deal with the causes of the current dynamics, because there is really a lot of news. First, the continuing uncertainty about where Tether funds are after withdrawing them from Noble Bank, also draw attention to the reports of insufficient funds and problems associated with the stablecoin exchange Bitfinex. In some news feeds began to appear rumors that Bitfinex funds are now in the accounts of one of the largest international banks HSBC, but this information has not received official confirmation. In favor of this idea, it can be noted that new users were offered to transfer funds to the accounts of Global Trading Solution LLC with the receiving Bank in the form of an American division of HSBC when opening an account in us dollars.

SEC and tezer send bitcoin to drop down

But this detective story could not just end and, aggravating the already difficult situation, the news came about the temporary blocking of deposits for one week in Fiat currencies such as the us dollar, Euro and yen. Most likely, with the company Global Trading Solution was not agreed Deposit taking Bitfinex team, and an open account has been blocked. Then everything is quite logical: you should worry about the safety of your funds, because in case of support of panic, bitcoin sales will continue. But whether they are safe if they converted to tezera, but not in other stabilini?

Therefore, the most interesting question remains suspended in the air, and whether the Bitfinex, which is in the top 3 among crypto-exchanges in Terms of daily trading volume, is solvent? Of course, the financial institution itself declares its financial solvency and in support of this has submitted reports on the movement of funds on the part of their wallets in bitcoins, ether and other funds. But the crypto market believed this weakly, which led to a reduction in capitalization to an even value of $200 billion, although at the peak on January 7, this financial figure exceeded $826 billion.

Secondly, the sec's drama against the bitcoin ETF has become relevant again, which began to fade into the background and ceased to have such a significant impact on the market, as it was at the time of the first refusal in July. Recall that initially 9 applications were filed, including those with the strongest positions from the Gimini exchange and the combined application VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust ETF. Now this story is more like a failed Comedy, because after a period of uncertainty with new terms of consideration this week there was a"new hope". SEC commissioners reported on a new collection of opinions from both supporters of the introduction of a new instrument for the financial market, and from opponents, until October 26. And on November 5, the regulator officials can vote on the basis of new information. If at least one of the proposed applications is approved, the market will receive a powerful impetus for growth, because the most ambiguous regulator will give the crypto market a "green light" to attract funds not only from traders who understand the intricacies of the market or from large capital, but also from ordinary investors who want to make a profit. Thus, according to our estimates, already in 2019, the crypto sphere can attract several billion dollars. This news will give a positive signal to the market in case of approval, but the rejection of these applications can lead to the opposite effect, and cryptocurrency quotes will go in search of new annual lows.

And the third news, which contributed to the crushing collapse of the crypto market, was the message about the failed results of the ICO held since 2017. So, 46% of ICO not gathered the required level softcap for financing the project. But the majority brought together the necessary resources for development of the ICO was also unable to grow and eventually turned out to be unprofitable. According to other estimates, the total fees of all projects have already reached $28.4 billion in September and by the end of 2018 could potentially exceed $30 billion. And most of the funds received falls on this year. But let's add a spoonful of honey to the barrel of tar with a description of the situation in the ICO market. France, the United Arab Emirates and South Korea are going to give the process of initial Fund-raising through the sale of tokens a legal status. Naturally, the attraction of such a volume of funds could not but arouse the interest of state regulators. In the future, we should expect similar steps from other leading world Central banks.


The chart shows the long-awaited powerful break down, although after it the decline has stopped, and now the consolidation in the area of $6300 continues. Maintaining momentum for further movement will meet support at the previously indicated levels of $ 6000 - $6111 - $6200. As you can see on the chart below, there was an exit below the uptrend line (marked in green), which when new negative news comes, will lead to disappointment of investors in the idea of further growth. A break below $ 6000 will be the basis for even more short trades with the first targets in the form of consolidation of $5776-$5880 and $5600.

The cancellation for this idea will be a breakthrough above the powerful resistance of $6820 and $7000, which is now the upper limit of the technical indicator "Bollinger Bands". Overcoming them up seems an unlikely scenario, but we need to mark it. The withdrawal above $7000 will allow to reach the area of $7,200, where the 200-day simple moving average is now passing and the consolidation of $7375−$7,500−$7800.

Ethereum and other altcoins

The altcoins market after bitcoin has sought to conquer the minimum values, so the most promising strategy now looks either to be outside the market or a small part of the Deposit to open short positions. Ether confidently rushed up and reached support in the cluster area of $193 - $ 200. Only a powerful collapse of bitcoin will send the price of ether to the knockdown. The potential targets in this case will be consistently $180, $160, $144, $131 and $100. Alternative scenario with a growth of the second capitalization of the cryptocurrencies will start to develop under the condition of overcoming the level of $230 with the objectives of the $240, $251.