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BurstCoin (BURST) - cryptocurrency with explosive prospects!

BurstCoin (BURST) - cryptocurrency with explosive prospects!

BurstCoin (BURST) - cryptocurrency with explosive prospects!

It is clear that anyone reading this article, at least, knows about the existence of bitcoin and Its many followers-forks. If you are a little more immersed in the topic, then no doubt you know that most of these forks hardly deserve your and our attention. Basically, it is a pale copy of the" big brother " Bitcoin, not shining with novelty and originality.

But, fortunately, not everything is so sad and unambiguous. As in the piles of rock there is no-no, and the gold bar will Shine, and in the pile of alternative crypto-currencies from time to time there is a development with which you want to get acquainted closer.

One of these rare finds we want to share with you today. This digital currency, the authors called modestly, but with a certain message – BurstCoin, which can be translated as a flash or explosive coin. But no matter how you translate, and there are certain expectations-it seems something bright and impressive. How true such associations, time will tell, and now let's get acquainted with this "flash" in more detail.

What is the "explosive coin" Burst?

BurstCoin (BURST) - cryptocurrency with explosive prospects!

This is both a cryptographic coin and a payment system, which is based on blockchain technology. Given the rapidity of development of cryptosphere, this coin is not particularly "young". It appeared in the late summer of 2014. The launch was not preceded by any premine or IPO.

The currency itself is a fork of NXT because it is based on the source code of this particular crypt, but it would not be worth talking about if it did not have a fundamental difference from its predecessor. And there is such a difference. In BurstCoin is the first time in the history of cryptoprocta used a new mining algorithm Proof of Capaciti (PoC, or proof of capacity).

The essence of mining on the POC algorithm

This type of mining, as we have already noted, is fundamentally different from the well-known methods of mining the crypt. It is crucial to have free space on your hard drive, and your willingness to use it to "dig" currency. It will depend on the profitability of the work. However, some role play and processing power, and RAM, but only at the stage of preparation.

The first thing to do is to install a wallet. You need to install the current version of the" wallet " Burst, and also note that for its functioning you need Java. At the end of this stage, you will receive the address of your new "purse", which will "drip" money.

Your next step is selection of the pool and check on it, that cost is likely 1 coin Burstain (you throw someone from colleagues in the forum), then you will be entered in the number of recipients. Solo mining is also available, but as mining becomes more difficult, it becomes less profitable.

Then you need to collect the plot (a set of data calculated by the miner and stored subsequently on the computer's memory). Just this stage involves the use of the processor. Well, now you can start working directly. The main advantage is that in addition to the computer you do not need any more "iron", and the disk subsystem is loaded moderately enough, which has a positive effect on the energy efficiency of production.

Then everything is simple and familiar – go with your coins to the exchange and change to dollars or BTC (that's how you like it).

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in mining on the hard drive. To get started you need to go through a few simple seven steps:
  1. Download and install BurstCoin wallet.
  2. Registration of the personal account.
  3. Enter the passphrase (key).
  4. Login to your account.
  5. In the menu at the top left, you will see the number of your wallet, which you need to write down, as well as the cells at the bottom of the window (Write slots).
  6. Wait for the system to finish generating data.
  7. Select blocks and pool, and get started by clicking on "Start".

HDD selection criteria and a few examples of suitable hard drives

BurstCoin (BURST) - cryptocurrency with explosive prospects!

The equipment in cryptocurrency mining takes an important place and you need to be able to choose it correctly. In our case, we are talking about choosing a decent hard drive. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the ratio of cost and memory, in other words, you need to estimate how much you will cost 1Gb of memory. It is clear that the cheaper it is, the more profitable it will be for you.

The second criterion is the reliability of the device. However, this indicator is quite relative, because the HDDs produced today differ little in quality. Below we give a few suitable in our opinion options.

There are quite a few affordable and quality options brand Toshiba – DT01ACA Series 2TB, 3TB DT01ACA Series 3TB HDWD130UZSVA and P300. The first model is ideal for mining crypts, the cost of one Giga of memory is about 2.4 cents, but for a truly productive farm will need a lot of hard drives.

The second model proved to be good, the cost of 1Gb is only 2.3 cents. And the third option is also different efficiency (2.4 cents per 1Gb) and good performance.

I would also like to note the model Archive HDD ST8000AS0002 8TB from Seagate. It is noteworthy that the unit of memory is worth about 2.35 cents, while the usual cost of such memory in the hard drives on 4-6 TV is not below 2.7 cents, which makes them economically not very profitable. And another option with the cost of 1GB of memory only 2.3 cents – Seagate BarraCuda ST4000DM005 4TB.

BurstCoin cloud mining

The fact that there is such a method of mining cryptocurrency know, perhaps, all.

The fact that there is such a method of mining cryptocurrency know, perhaps, all. But, basically, they know about the services that provide cloud mining services for Bitcoin and some other well-known digital coins. We want to introduce you to a resource that allows you to mine unfamiliar and not quite ordinary coin Burst.

Called service Burstmine and its services it offers is not very expensive. As you know, since this crypt is extracted on hard disks, Burstmine offers users free space on disks, and the power is not measured in Tera, Giga and Megahashes per second, but in Tera and Gigabytes.

Advantages and disadvantages of POC-mining burstcoin

Advantages and disadvantages of POC-mining burstcoin

Any method of mining the crypt has its attractive sides and disadvantages. The algorithm we consider is no exception.

The advantages clearly include the fact that you can do without cumbersome and expensive equipment, no need to spend time and money to find suitable graphics cards (built-in enough). The system is simple enough to install and configure, and placed all in the ATX-case of your computer. Moreover, you will not need any powerful power supplies, because a dozen HDD consume only about a hundred watts. In addition, they are not as hot as video cards (the heat generated by one gaming graphics card is comparable to the heat produced by a dozen hard drives). As a result, you will not need noisy and powerful cooling systems. And, finally, with this method of production of crypto-coins, it is not necessary to be a cool professional and thoroughly understand all this computer "hardware".

With the advantages it seems to be finished, it's time to talk about the shortcomings. They are not so much, but to know them will be quite useful.

The first and perhaps the most significant drawback is a fairly limited list of cryptocurrencies that can be mined in this way. The second thing to be warned about is the complexity of implementing a used hard drive. If you suddenly decide to update it, it is not the fact that you can return at least part of your costs (for example, used video card is much easier to sell). I also write about this moment, as the likely failure of the HDD after not very long, but in our opinion, is pure the reassurance of a series of "what if". Of course, anything can happen, but we would not classify such a probability as obvious shortcomings.

BurstCoin is a digital currency that turns "smart" contracts into reality

Attention to digital currencies has recently been focused to a large extent due to the possibility of using blockchain technology in the development of smart contracts. The number of startups launching "smart" contracts (like Ethereum) is multiplying every day. By tracking such large projects, the community almost missed a seemingly inconspicuous startup that was actually able to get ahead of everyone else in this matter.

Of course, we mean the Burst project, which launched a coin that allows you to produce smart contracts directly from your wallet. These very contracts can radically change many aspects of our lives. Up to the point that over time we will be able in many cases to do without lawyers or bankers, as intellectual contracts are able to fulfill the terms of contracts automatically.

The plans of the developers BurstCoin to increase the number of supported smart contracts, low, to 10 and to support online games, Autonomous corporations, etc. Such developments will make possible the implementation of instant transactions when conducting crowdfunding, auctions, lotteries and many other occasions when the need arises.

Conclusion burstcoin

The BurstCoin project is attractive, first of all, by the availability and simplicity of creating and running a mining farm. But this is for those users who are focused on mining. And in General, it is much wider than the usual concept of cryptocurrencies, it has prospects in the field of intellectual contracts, for which the future. So we advise you to look at this site for those of you who want to use blockchain technology in your business, whether it's business, creativity or some other field of activity. Good luck!

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The American official is confident that the arrival of institutional investors will make the crypto market Mature

The American official is confident that the arrival of institutional investors will make the crypto market Mature

The American official is confident that the arrival of institutional investors will make the crypto market Mature

CFTC approves of digital assets

He noted the growth of the digital asset industry due to the interest of traders and investors.

"We still have a long way to go, as some spot exchanges have a lot of problems, such as lack of transparency, a big conflict of interest and lack of system guarantees. That's a concern. However, they, like many other phenomena, need time to Mature. With the emergence of more institutional investors in the industry, I think we will see this maturation," the official said.

Giancarlo also said that the CFTC is closely monitoring the development of the crypto sphere.

"There are a lot of scams and deceivers in this market, and when we find them, we make them responsible for their actions in accordance with the law. Our powers were recently confirmed by two Federal courts, " the head of the Commission said.

He noted that the authorities would like to see more blockchain innovations. And in the context of industry regulation, the CFTC takes a "do no harm"approach.

"Under our supervision, the first two products of bitcoin futures appeared, and they actually depleted the cryptocurrency bubble formed at the end of 2017. In addition, we see how bitcoin becomes more stable than it was a year ago," Giancarlo explained.

However, he is confident that digital currencies will not replace Fiat in the future.

"I think cryptocurrencies will remain. They have future. But I'm not sure they'll ever be able to compete with a dollar or other hard currency. However, there is a whole part of the world that really wants to have functioning cryptocurrencies," the head of the CFTC added.

Manipulation on major exchanges: Coinbase even overstates the volume of trading

Manipulation on major exchanges: Coinbase even overstates the volume of trading

Manipulation on major exchanges: Coinbase even overstates the volume of trading

The report of the Prosecutor of the state of new York (OAG) "Initiative to ensure the cleanliness of virtual markets" says that several platforms have resorted to artificial increase in trading volume, including Coinbase. On these exchanges there were discrepancies with the actual volumes.

This is a phenomenon of own trading, when the company for its own benefit conducts transactions instead of trading on behalf of its customers for a Commission. Own trading not only provides income, but also serves as a factor in increasing liquidity, For example, the chance to execute a client's order is higher if real buyers or sellers do not place offers. The OAG document says: "Such activities [.....] requires increased customer protection and transparency of transactions to comply with the law."

The problem is that the user can suddenly lose liquidity and generally have a false idea about trading volumes.

The entire text of the investigation is presented in an official document.


The new York city Prosecutor's office has checked 13 exchanges, including such large sites as Coinbase and Bitfinex. As a result, five exchanges are seen in unfair trades on their platforms. The volume of trading activity does not correspond to the actual indicators. At Coinbase it is 20% of the wound orders at the expense of transactions on own platform. Some exchanges, such as Kraken, did not participate in the investigation and publicly announced it. OAG States that half of the audited exchanges admitted in an artificial increase in trading volume.

The investigation also considers other factors: service availability via VPN, Fiat pairs, verification.

Another message from Satoshi Nakamoto

What's in Satoshi Nakamoto's new message?

What's in Satoshi Nakamoto's new message?

Members of the crypto community are already aware that in the hash of the first block, the father of bitcoin placed the following lines "The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks". Now it turned out that a similar text is duplicated. It contains his version of hex, placed in the code comments.

Each BTC block contains its own coinbase transaction. It is added by cryptocurrency miners when they start to mine the block. It is intended to receive a reward for the extracted block.

The developer has included a second version of the famous headline from the Times in the coinbase transaction in the Genesis block, but it must be read from right to left.

"Sknab rof tuoliab dnoces fo knirb no rollecnahC 9002 / naJ / 30 semiT ehT", — said in the Easter egg.

This summer, the site Satoshi Nakamoto there was a record from an anonymous author. He claimed that he was involved in the creation of bitcoin, and promised to publish a book in the near future, which will reveal all the secrets associated with the emergence of BTC.

Unknown presented " an excerpt of the literary work, consisting of two parts." According to him, the book will be a "short story, which will raise the most common questions and answers."

"I want to give publicity to some facts and names," said anonymous.

Curiously, the author offered readers a cryptogram, deciphering, which will be possible to find out the name of the future work. And, it seems, the work will be called "Honne and tata(e)mae", which in Japanese means "the contrast between the true intentions of man and the external manifestations of these intentions."

The book will feature well-known cryptographers and cipher banks. The author will share information about the fact that the Genesis block of bitcoin, in fact, is not the first block in the blockchain.

We are already afraid for humanity: the robot from Boston Dynamics and its dashing parkour

We are already afraid for humanity: the robot from Boston Dynamics and its dashing parkour

We are already afraid for humanity: the robot from Boston Dynamics and its dashing parkour

Remember we once talked about robots from Boston Dynamics? Even then they frightened us with their anthropomorphism and amazing technical characteristics. But now they really began to exceed the capabilities of man, and it is both admirable and alarming.

Yesterday, the guys from Boston Dynamics published a new video in which one of their favorite robots Atlas is engaged in parkour and does it with ease athlete.

Apparently, the rise of the machines is very close!

Apparently, the rise of the machines is very close!

And it would not be an exaggeration if we say that for some few years Atlas has turned from a subhuman into a superhuman. For example, back in the recent 2016, it was interesting to observe how the robot could walk on its own on the hills, without losing balance. However, today he is doing a back flip. And after all not each of us can brag of that is able to do a somersault in General.

We are already afraid for humanity: the robot from Boston Dynamics and its dashing parkour

Naturally, robots like Atlas are far from perfect and can, for example, fall off the stage, as happened a year ago at one of the public presentations of his abilities. But to fall from the stage and the people, so it is not necessary so strongly to be surprised.

We, in turn, will continue to monitor the development of robots and hope that when the machines reach their peak, they will not enslave us.

Vitalik Buterin predicted the next financial crisis

Vitalik Buterin predicted the next financial crisis

Vitalik Buterin predicted the next financial crisis

The Creator of the Ethereum cryptocurrency Vitalik Buterin wrote a message on October 10 on Twitter, in which he tried to predict when the next financial crisis will be:

It is evident that the report says that the next financial crisis will be in the period 2018-2021.

I want to clarify that this report was published two days ago, at a time when there were significant intraday declines in stock markets around the world. Many thought at first, including me, that Vitalik Buterin really expects a crisis. But then I realized it was a joke. More precisely, this is a response from Vitalik Buterin to the negative statements of the famous American economist Nouriel Roubini in his address and criticism of cryptocurrencies.

I want to remind you that yesterday there was a speech by Nouriel Rubini (American economist, who became very famous 10 years ago due to the fact that he allegedly predicted the global financial crisis) before the us Congress on the topic of "Cryptocurrency". The American economist said that cryptocurrencies are a colossal deception and one of the biggest "bubbles" of all time. He said that people are mistaken in the fact that cryptocurrencies are decentralized, explaining that behind them are oligopolistic structures. For example, he explained That the Ethereum cryptocurrency is completely dependent on Vitalik Buterin, calling him a "lifetime dictator". It is important to note that Nuriel Rubini has many times called Vitalik Buterin "dictator".

Therefore, in my opinion, the message of Vitalik Buterin is simply a response to criticism of him by Nouriel Roubini. In other words, the Creator of Ethereum just wants to show that, purely theoretically, everyone has a 25% chance to predict the next crisis, simply stating that in the next 4 years "a crisis will happen", and thus become popular. Most likely, this is exactly what happened with Nouriel Roubini.

A new breakthrough in cryptocurrency scalability

A new breakthrough in cryptocurrency scalability

A new breakthrough in cryptocurrency scalability

The research team has introduced a new scalability solution that will allow 17,000 transactions per second on the Ethereum network.

17 000 transactions per second Ethereum promises a breakthrough in cryptocurrency scalability

Researchers Ethereum Harry R., Yeongdong Fu, Philip Castonguay, Alex and the fantastic Barry Waythat recently introduced a sidechained. This is a new scalability solution outside the Ethereum blockchain based on Snark.

The method will allow you to transfer tokens and ether outside the network at a transaction speed of up to 17,000. This speed can sravnits indicator Visa. If developers manage to implement the solution, it will allow blockchain and cryptocurrencies to move to a new level.

In late September, the founder of Ethereum offered to scale Ethereum with the help of ZK-SNARKs technology, which was originally used in the ZCash network.

"We can significantly scale transactions for the transfer of assets in the Ethereum blockchain without second-level solutions (channels, Plasma), using zk — SNARK for mass transaction validation," Vitalik Buterin wrote.

Also yesterday, the network reported that the co-founder of Blockstream mark Friedenbach came up with a method of scaling the first cryptocurrency, which does not require a hard fork. The specialist describes the scaling method, according to which the sharding technology can increase the volume of transactions by 3584 times compared to the current level and improve censorship resistance.

Do we need the blockchain in medicine?

Do we need the blockchain in medicine?

Do we need the blockchain in medicine?

Blockchain technology has significantly changed the financial market. Decentralization, immutability, transparency look attractive for other spheres of life. To date, several projects have introduced blockchain into the health care system. We will tell you how blockchain is used in medicine and what potential it gives to companies that care about our health.

Blockchain capabilities in medicine

The main characteristics of the blockchain are applicable and useful in the field of medicine. It is only necessary to assess the potential and gradually implement projects on the blockchain in this area. We present several significant changes that are possible in medicine with the introduction of blockchain technology.


Facilitate control over the supply of narcotic drugs and counterfeit drugs.

Falsification of medicines cannot be avoided even with full state control over the pharmaceutical industry. At the moment, the amount of falsification is from 15 to 80%. The certificate of authenticity of the means can be easily forged.

Blockchain will track the path of the drug from the manufacturer to the retail pharmacy. This will make the pharmaceutical industry fully controlled. In theory, any drug will become controlled.

You can enter additional functions — monitoring the availability of medicines in clinics, and the opportunity to see the transfer of drugs, their number etc on the packing need the barcode, which is a special application will make the data on the blockchain.


The database in the chain cannot be changed or deleted. This makes it impossible to falsify medical history. The patient controls access to their data. It can provide them through the app to a specific doctor or medical organization.

Currently, when going abroad, the patient is a secret for doctors. For example, if the patient needs surgery, you need to know the reaction of his body to anesthesia. This can only be found out from the patient himself. But the patient can forget, be unconscious, incapacitated or a child. There is a problem that is easily solved thanks to the application based on the blockchain, where all the information is stored.

You can also get reliable data about the patient and his medical history. This is required by various fields of activity, where necessary information about the physical and psychological health of the person.


The introduction of a special API in medicine will facilitate and secure the transfer of patient data between organizations. This is especially true in the field of insurance. The information can be used by insurance companies with the consent of the client. Thus, any of us will be able to provide access to medical records in exchange for the insurance service. Currently, all data is reported by the client. The insurance company either believes in the word, or should independently recheck the information.

Real blockchain projects in medicine


The Dutch Foundation for Dentacoin Foundation released the currency to the world dental industry. The idea of the project is that patients pay for services and goods with tokens. The Foundation relies on the fact that dental services will become more accessible. This will increase the percentage of preventive examinations, reduce the number of dental problems in need of treatment. In the near future it is planned to create a single database based on the blockchain.


Decentralized health information ecosystem for patients, medical and research organizations on the blockchain. The project allows:

To collect information about treatment to the doctor, getting treatments and medications.
To integrate information about the client in different organizations. As a result, the patient receives quality medical care, rapid diagnosis, personalized approach.
Have access to the database in real time.
Decentralized currency based on Ethereum blockchain. It is aimed at using life insurance services within the platform. The insurer freezes funds to pay for services in smart contracts. The client applies to the platform to receive these payments. The project is still under development.


A healthy lifestyle ecosystem that collects information about a person's health and lifestyle and records it on the blockchain. The essence is that the client always has at hand all the information about himself and can use it in medical institutions, health sports complexes. The system of promotion and remuneration, monitors the results of the client and monetizirovat his healthy lifestyle. LYM coins are used for the purchase of sports and medical goods, health care services.

Timicoin (TMC)

Open source cryptocurrency. Used as payment on TimiHR. It is a decentralized platform for sharing information about the client's health. Currency is a reward for those customers who provide information about themselves to medical organizations. It is possible to buy goods and receive medical services.

In contrast to the financial sector, health care is more cautious about new technologies, as it is one of the most controlled and conservative industries. The introduction of new technologies is always associated with the infusion of a large amount of additional funds.  To exchange data about patients, even within a country needs to develop a network and learn new skills staff. These factors slow down the involvement of blockchain technology in medicine.  However, even the limited implementation of the distributed register has potential in the future.