Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Advertising, past and present advertising

Advertising, past and present advertising

It is likely that the first advertisement appeared around the time the first product or service was sold.

Advertising existed in ancient Rome and ancient Greece – though it was "oral" is on the streets and squares of various information and ads shouted the heralds. By the way, the word "advertising" comes from reclamo (lat.)- what does "shout"mean.

According to some sources, advertising appeared in the first Millennium BC. In the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis was discovered the first "advertising" about a certain interpreter of dreams named Reno. His ad was stamped on a large stone and, presumably, worked well.

Advertisements covered the walls of destroyed Pompeii. They were written on papyri, walls of houses and painted on signs.

A new era in the history of advertising began with the invention of the printing press in 1450. Then there were the first posters and flyers.

Advertising developed along with civilization. In the early nineteenth century ad, the leaves were pasted on the round announcement posts. Then the ads were printed magazines and Newspapers – by the way, Peter the Great in 1703 became the "founder of advertising" in Russia, creating the first newspaper - "Vedomosti". At first, in the "Gazette" was advertised books.

With the advent of radio in people's lives, and then-television, advertising has stepped far forward, and even later it captured the space of the Internet.

Today, advertising still lives on round billboards, on billboards at bus stops, on the transport itself, on the walls of our houses and in the form of glowing boards over the city squares. It also occupies a large part in Newspapers and magazines. However, today such advertising is less effective – in the age of the Internet we read Newspapers less and less. But we still listen to the radio and continue to watch TV. Programs, talk shows and movies are constantly interrupted by various announcements – from the announcement of the following television programs to advertising dandruff shampoo, pads and washing powder. Advertising takes more and more air time. But we got used to it: once in our home with blue screens, is firmly established with us.

Advertising is also actively sent by regular mail-every day in the mailboxes we find flyers with offers of certain services.

Perhaps the most active advertising today is on the Internet. It is rare to find a resource that would not fit advertising links to other sites. At the same time, the ads themselves are of the most diverse nature.

Thus, we can distinguish the main types of modern advertising: television and radio – blocks of information clips, interrupting the transmission. Printed advertising - in Newspapers, magazines and leaflets. Outdoor advertising includes billboards, posters, light boards and various signage.

Answering the question - what exactly is advertised to us every day, we can highlight the following.

The first-advertising a certain company, promotion and information about the goods from customers advertising. So we learn about new brands of cars, mobile phones, air conditioners, all kinds of electrical goods, cleaning products, body hygiene - and other things, without which it is impossible to imagine modern life.

The second is trade advertising, which calls potential buyers to specific shops and outlets – the information usually includes the address – and sometimes the directions to the store - and the various discounts and promotions offered there. Often, the timing of the shares, encouraging buyers to hurry and make purchases there.

Another type is political advertising, usually used in election campaigns and forming a certain image for a politician. This is one of the most expensive types of advertising.

There is also social advertising-it is intended for a special audience and is addressed directly to teenagers, or to pensioners, students or other social group. The populations are offered a variety of services with defined discounts for them. For example, here can be advertised subscriptions to the pool or gym for half the price for students. Or some travel Agency carries out an action on sale of permits at reduced prices for pensioners. There are a lot of options that are not suitable for the most affluent segments of the population.

There are also business advertising aimed at people who are professionally engaged in business. In addition, there are a huge number of private ads.

All types of advertising, one way or another, work effectively, encouraging potential customers to make purchases, go to certain stores. Today, we do not need to specifically look for certain goods – thanks to advertising, goods and services themselves find us.

Advertising has long been an integral part of our lives – it is always and everywhere with us. Bright, catchy, elegant, beautiful - it has long been turned into art and it is impossible to imagine today's life without it.