Thursday, November 08, 2018

Carbine: 40 times stronger than diamond

Carbine: 40 times stronger than diamond

In 2016, American physicists managed to get a stable form of carbine - the most durable material on Earth. The results of their research were accepted by the scientific community.

The possibility of obtaining carbine was predicted in 1885 by the German physicist Adolf von Bayer, who said that a carbine consisting of one atomic carbon chain would be very unstable.

The calculations demonstrate the remarkable strength of the carbine. For example, it is at least twice as strong as graphene and 40 times stronger than diamond. Incredible, isn't it?

If it was possible to establish mass production of carbine, humanity would have made a major technological breakthrough. Carbine can be used in many industries, create a new generation of nanoelectronics and change the technology of hydrogen storage, and therefore make a leap in the energy sector.

For a long time physicists from all over the world were looking for a way to create a carbine. However, due to the instability of this type of chains of carbon atoms, no one has been able to create a carbine fragment longer than 100 atoms.

However, the breakthrough was made by American physicists. By placing two graphene layers in carbon nanotubes, they obtained stable carbine chains with a length of about 6400 atoms. Physicists note that an increase in the length of atomic chains leads to an increase in electrical connections. It follows that the longer the chains are obtained, the more stable the material will be at the output.

Experiments in this direction continue with the participation of international experts. Soon, as physicists say, there will be the first samples that will allow to conduct full-fledged tests in the laboratory.