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Monday, October 15, 2018

Do we need the blockchain in medicine?

Do we need the blockchain in medicine?

Do we need the blockchain in medicine?

Blockchain technology has significantly changed the financial market. Decentralization, immutability, transparency look attractive for other spheres of life. To date, several projects have introduced blockchain into the health care system. We will tell you how blockchain is used in medicine and what potential it gives to companies that care about our health.

Blockchain capabilities in medicine

The main characteristics of the blockchain are applicable and useful in the field of medicine. It is only necessary to assess the potential and gradually implement projects on the blockchain in this area. We present several significant changes that are possible in medicine with the introduction of blockchain technology.


Facilitate control over the supply of narcotic drugs and counterfeit drugs.

Falsification of medicines cannot be avoided even with full state control over the pharmaceutical industry. At the moment, the amount of falsification is from 15 to 80%. The certificate of authenticity of the means can be easily forged.

Blockchain will track the path of the drug from the manufacturer to the retail pharmacy. This will make the pharmaceutical industry fully controlled. In theory, any drug will become controlled.

You can enter additional functions — monitoring the availability of medicines in clinics, and the opportunity to see the transfer of drugs, their number etc on the packing need the barcode, which is a special application will make the data on the blockchain.


The database in the chain cannot be changed or deleted. This makes it impossible to falsify medical history. The patient controls access to their data. It can provide them through the app to a specific doctor or medical organization.

Currently, when going abroad, the patient is a secret for doctors. For example, if the patient needs surgery, you need to know the reaction of his body to anesthesia. This can only be found out from the patient himself. But the patient can forget, be unconscious, incapacitated or a child. There is a problem that is easily solved thanks to the application based on the blockchain, where all the information is stored.

You can also get reliable data about the patient and his medical history. This is required by various fields of activity, where necessary information about the physical and psychological health of the person.


The introduction of a special API in medicine will facilitate and secure the transfer of patient data between organizations. This is especially true in the field of insurance. The information can be used by insurance companies with the consent of the client. Thus, any of us will be able to provide access to medical records in exchange for the insurance service. Currently, all data is reported by the client. The insurance company either believes in the word, or should independently recheck the information.

Real blockchain projects in medicine


The Dutch Foundation for Dentacoin Foundation released the currency to the world dental industry. The idea of the project is that patients pay for services and goods with tokens. The Foundation relies on the fact that dental services will become more accessible. This will increase the percentage of preventive examinations, reduce the number of dental problems in need of treatment. In the near future it is planned to create a single database based on the blockchain.


Decentralized health information ecosystem for patients, medical and research organizations on the blockchain. The project allows:

To collect information about treatment to the doctor, getting treatments and medications.
To integrate information about the client in different organizations. As a result, the patient receives quality medical care, rapid diagnosis, personalized approach.
Have access to the database in real time.
Decentralized currency based on Ethereum blockchain. It is aimed at using life insurance services within the platform. The insurer freezes funds to pay for services in smart contracts. The client applies to the platform to receive these payments. The project is still under development.


A healthy lifestyle ecosystem that collects information about a person's health and lifestyle and records it on the blockchain. The essence is that the client always has at hand all the information about himself and can use it in medical institutions, health sports complexes. The system of promotion and remuneration, monitors the results of the client and monetizirovat his healthy lifestyle. LYM coins are used for the purchase of sports and medical goods, health care services.

Timicoin (TMC)

Open source cryptocurrency. Used as payment on TimiHR. It is a decentralized platform for sharing information about the client's health. Currency is a reward for those customers who provide information about themselves to medical organizations. It is possible to buy goods and receive medical services.

In contrast to the financial sector, health care is more cautious about new technologies, as it is one of the most controlled and conservative industries. The introduction of new technologies is always associated with the infusion of a large amount of additional funds.  To exchange data about patients, even within a country needs to develop a network and learn new skills staff. These factors slow down the involvement of blockchain technology in medicine.  However, even the limited implementation of the distributed register has potential in the future.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

When is it better to buy a new computer?

When is it better to buy a new computer?

When is it better to buy a new computer?

Over the past few weeks, received a lot of news from the world of computer hardware, many of which point to the imminent end of dark times for PC gaming, and though small, but the rollback of prices for components to more comfortable and familiar to us values. I tell you why I decided to, and when it happens.


The gloomy period of acute shortage of DRAM this year, most likely, will end. Thanks for this is the Chinese memory manufacturer Nanya Technology, which currently ranks fourth in terms of production of RAM after Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron. The fact here is that as part of the flare-up trade war between the US and China, the Chinese authorities have limited the presence of micron memory in the territory of their country, which clears the market for Nanya. Obviously, this will entail an overabundance of RAM and, as a result, the desire of manufacturers to sell the surplus as quickly as possible.

In addition, next year is expected to reduce the demand for PC components and smartphones, which is also somewhat cripple the price of DRAM. The Wall Street Journal, referring to analysts from DRAMeXchange, predict a decline in prices for RAM up to 16%. The growth in the production of memory chips will also have a significant impact on the pricing of solid state drives, which, according to the forecasts of the same DRAMeXchange should fall by 37%. Everything should happen before the end of 2018.

Video card

Here everything is quite obvious and classic. According to some rather plausible rumors, the new generation of Nvidia GTX will start on August 30 this year with the release of GTX 1180. The GTX 1170 and GTX 1160 will go on sale on September 30 and October 30, respectively. As is usually the case, the output of the new generation of graphics cards significantly drop the price of the previous one. According to preliminary data, GTX 1080Ti will fall by $ 100, and GTX 1080 by $ 50.

Of course, our native domestic retailers will do everything that we would not have seized a heart attack from the sharp decline in the cost of video cards, but as new models arrive they will have nowhere to go – the prices will have to be reduced.

In short, before November or December 2018, it is better not to think about buying a new video card – there is a chance to throw away up to 5 thousand rubles.


With processors, unfortunately, no price movements are observed. But it is necessary to understand that the prices for processors are not as frightening as for graphics cards or RAM. In the middle price segment, we now have an excellent and inexpensive Ryzen 5 2600 (≈15 000r.) and for more steep configurations still good INTEL Core i7 8700K (≈26 000r.). Looks not as scary as the recent GTX 1070 50 000..


At the beginning of next year it will be possible to collect an excellent gaming PC for adequate money. Economical configuration on Ryzen 5 2600 with GTX 1070 and 16GB of RAM is enough for another two or three years of comfortable play in the new AAA-titles. If the budget issue you have is not so acute, the INTEL Core i7 8700K in conjunction with GTX 1080Ti and 32GB of memory will reveal all possible graphic dances for a very long time. Plus, for a long time have become an integral part of the game machine SSD-drives should fall in price in the most radical way that will save even more hard-earned.