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Monday, November 26, 2018

Sex with a beautiful girl?

Sex with a beautiful girl?

Sex with a beautiful girl?

Dream or realityThe most popular query in the search engineSex with a beautiful girl is better than sex with an ugly oneWhat's different?

 probably start with a differenceIt may seem ironic to youbut there is a differenceand it is very significant.

Beautiful girl will wait for you any stepsattentionactionsAnd while playingwill just enjoy the timeleaving all the important things on you.

And an ugly woman will take you in her hands and she will dictate the rules that many people like itUgly girl will be a storm in the sexand beautifuleasy style.

(arguments are thoroughI think that someone will support me)

But despite this facteveryone is looking for sex with a beautiful womanWhyBecause men like to feel like earnerslike kingsAfter allmany people dream about a beautiful girlbut only he managed to get her.

But only true connoisseurs of sex know that it is better not to mess with beautiful girlsThereforethey are often aloneEveryone thinks that a lady who is that isthereforenot suitable and not met.

Sex with a beautiful girl-realityreality is achievablejust requests a little different than not beautiful.

There is a questionif I sex stormI get uglyFriendsare you beautiful or not?

Saturday, October 13, 2018

The woman offered to humiliate the fat men and incurred the wrath of the crowd

The woman offered to humiliate the fat men and incurred the wrath of the crowd

The user of the forum Mumsnet under the nickname travelinterset proposed to humiliate fat people, so that they began to follow the figure, but the other visitors of the site expressed indignation.

Travelinterset wrote that the obesity crisis among young people is becoming more urgent than the problem of Smoking. The woman decided that if you shame fat people, they will quickly change the way of life. According to her, in the same way this system works with alcoholics and smokers.

Visitors of the forum reacted sharply to the proposal of the woman. They reacted negatively to her theory and explained that to disgrace people for any reason is a disgusting habit.

"I almost committed suicide after I was publicly humiliated because of obesity. I doubt I'm the only one," one user wrote.

"You have no idea what people are going through. One of my favorite teachers was overweight due to thyroid problems. It was not his fault, and public reproaches will not help her, " said another forum visitor.

In may, fitness blogger Lucy mountain (Lucy Mountain) said that unexpectedly received the diagnosis of "obesity" after gaining four pounds in 10 months.